“Shinamania” grips America as Sir Shina Peters rekindles old memories …. 22 more cities lined up for his shows

Ace Afro Juju King, Sir Shina Peters
Ace Afro Juju King, Sir Shina Peters

Ace Star Shina Peters currently in the United States of America has completed a very successful tour with a landmark performance in the heart of Atlanta.

The ace star received a heroic welcome last weekend when he performed live, treating his numerous fans to long sessions of old and new tunes.

The Afro juju ace performed at Old National Highway, College Park in Central Atlanta on Saturday, bringing back sweet memories of the star whose career peaked in the late eighties and early nineties, as a renowned performing  artist. Shina credible career  has spanned well over four decades with his name imprinted as one of the dazzling stars of both 2oth and 21st century in the history of Nigeria’s music industry.

As a minor, Sir Shina was a real back bone to Prince Adekunle Band and his guitar wizardry brought him into national and international recognition and prominence. He was then the cynosure of all eyes as a minor who was then being lifted into the stage by co bad members to shield him from teeming fans wanting to touch him and admire him guitar talent. He was discovered as early as ten years being a proud product of Ibukun Orisun Iye Cherubim and Seraphim sect where he was then discovered. Shina has always been a  is a graduate of Ibukun orisun Iye/ Mut Mukson Record tutelage.

He has ever since remained consistent, treating his admirers to sessions of guitar wizardry and stage performance, sometimes to various uncommon stage demonstration.

His early nineties performance and record release shot him up to highest glory and fame with numbers such as Ace, Shinamania,and Experience even thoughShina was born with fame and fortune  and had ever remained so consistent as a very hard working artist. He also remains a consistent stage and concert performer.

The summer concerts were real reminders of the stuff he is made of as a consistent performer, so loved and adored by miilions across the world.

The brains behind his America’s tour however are so pleased withe success of this year’s performances.

Unique Events and Rokan Enterprises who organised the event as a bye- bye bid to this year’s summer season claimed the ace performer will ever remain a hot cake in America as next  year’s shows are already being bade fore  by many entertainment  show-buffs.

“It was a memorable event that brought together many old faces and we all had a swell of a time, confessed a member of the event organisers who said that the occasion also brought old memories of the evergreen Afro juju dynamo.

The  2010 USA Tour for SSP & His Afro Juju Band is packaged and directed by Brooklyn, New York based  Orbit entertainment.

“Shina shows have so far been  wonderful and he has been surprising everyone with his new brand of music and especially with  the depth of his naturally endowed talents” claimed Mike Fash, President of Orbit Entertainment, the organisers of Sir Shina’s United States 2010 tour.

He confessed in a special message to EMNnews:”Honestly speaking, this is the  best time for Orbit Entertainment to bring SSP to America for a world tour because all things seem to be working in favour of all parties involved in the tour”

“Sir Shina Peters will be touring about 22 states in his 2010 tour schedules in the US”, said tour Manager  Yinka Sax in a chat with Emnnews.com.

Orbit Entertainment has been the brain behind many Nigerian and African artist successful tours in recent years.

In the past, the entertainment outfit has organized United States Tours for Lanre Teriba (Atorise), Tope Alabi (Agbo Jesu), Esther Igbekele, Yinka Ayefele etc.

Pictures: Orbit Entertainment

Sina and Mike Fash
Sina and Mike Fash

Sir Shina Peters live in Atlanta
Sir Shina Peters live in Atlanta

Shina Peters on Stage
Shina Peters on Stage

*Sir Shina Peters and and Mike Fash, the America’s Africans entertainment supremo