Sierra Leone celebrates 49, plans for a grand golden jubilee next year.

Eddie Turay
Eddie Turay

Sierra Leone’s High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, His Excellency, Sir Edward Turay has assured Sierra Leoneans in the Diaspora of a first class golden jubilee Independence celebration coming next year.

He was addressing executive members of the African Children and Youth Centre during a courtesy call to his office to brief the Commissioner on the forthcoming Sierra Leone Excellence Award coming up on Bank holiday, May 2, this year.

Sierra Leone Excellence Award operates under the umbrella of the nation’s United Kingdom Embassy.

The executive members, led by Aminata Contey and Fyna Dowe had visited to brief the commissioner on the top gear preparation which already had been commended by various groups as a big development compared to the successful one held last year.

At least, 500 guests are expected to fill the venue at Royal National Hotel, Russell Square,  Central London WC1H ODG on Sunday, May 2, 2010.

Among the top level nominee for this year’s award are President Ernest Bai Koroma and Ex- British Prime Minister, Tony Blair who is being decorated with Friend of Sierra Leone award.

Responding to the Exco members and thanking them for jobs well done to uplift Sierra Leone in the World committee of nations, Sir Eddy Turay promised that preparation for the Golden jubilee celebration next year had already started, promising a world class occasion next year.

Seirra Leone map
Sierra Leone map

Sierra Leoneans home and abroad however are agog  with festivities  to mark the 49th year anniversary which is April 27, 2010. International artist and home grown stars are already lined up to lift the occasion being taken as a preparatory sign for next year’s golden jubilee.

Source at the embassy hinted yesterday of a very grand occasion as food, drinks, and music have already been provided for visitors to the embassy for the celebration.

In another development,  Sir Edward Mohamed Turay had called on the International community to further boost the Sierra Leone government effort at establishing an egalitarian  society in Sierra Leone.

He made the call recently  during an afternoon tea session with the Mayor of the London Borough of Barnet, Councillor Brian Coleman.

Sir Turay was a special guest of the Mayor at his office in Hendon Town Hall, Hendon, North West London.

Turay said he was very happy to be a guest of the Mayor and took the opportunity to encourage those present to go to Sierra Leone in order to help boost the country’s economy through investment.

Sorie Sudane Sessay
Passionate about his country: Sorie Sudane Sesay claims Salone has moved on.

* However, the country’s Information attache to the United Kingdom, Mr Sorie Sudan Sesay told EMNnews  yesterday in a telephone conversation that events in recent times have shown  Sierra Leone is winning more and more international friends which is good for the country’s immediate future.

The passionate Sierra Leone ex-Newspaper Editor and Pubsher said he had no doubt that more people are sharing the nation’s ideas and ideals and that is why they all welcome a new era now brewing internationally  and are offering to be part of that developmental process.

He claimed  the nation  had surpassed those images of the past as a war-torn nation.

” We will prove to the World that we have moved to a different level which is why I am confirming that, come next year, the 50th year anniversary will witness the best of celebrations because we are on a different level and so, we  have every cause to celebrate big”.