Sikiratu Sindodo not dead but still critically ill, sources confirmed.

Bubbly and so amiable, Tayo having fun during a photo shoot

Contrary to reports that Tayo Oduke,(aka Sikiratu Sindodo), Nigeria’s top Yoruba movie actress is dead, the popular and much loved actress is alive but still very ill. She is currently receiving treatment at a private Hospital in Lagos.

Social networks over the week- end have been agog with claims and counter claims of the supposed demise of the popular actress, who has been ill for almost six months now.

It was confirmed on Saturday that the top star is still bedridden and aiming to recover fully.

Actress Funke Akindele confirming EMnnews reports of the actress’ death twitted that the ailing star was hale and hearty. The actress informs she just spoke toTayo Sindodo and that she’s fine, Funke informed via Twitter that the information should be passed round to de-congest the volume of the penetrating rumours.

For sometime now, the nature of her sickness has been a point of media diagnosis, with many reports that Tayo has been a victim of spiritual attack.

She had been admitted and being taken care of at a private ward in Lagos University Teaching Hosiptal where she is undergoing treatment for what doctor can’t seem to rightly diagnose.

Healthy: Sikiratu used in a Magazine cover after an interview.

The fair complexioned and bubbly actress reportedly have lost weight drastically and her skin extremely darkened result of her ulcer and heart/kidney related sickness.


It was gathered from reliable source that movement of her arms,legs and other part of her body has been restricted as she was said to be finding it difficult to make use of the toilet.

Doctors recently confirmed that the lady of colour is suffering from chronic ulcer and liver related ailment.

After several months of attending conventional medical treatment without notable sign of improvement, members of her family have repeatedly  called on the public to pray for the actress so that she would be dislodged of her predicament, which had been linked to spiritual attack.

Very much missed on the scene for some time now

The fear for her condition, however made her family to seek spiritual help through two spiritualist who were invited to see her at her hospital ward for special spiritual consultations and solution. They diagnosed spiritual attacks


Both spiritualist linked Tayo’s problem to spiritual attack caused by self misfortune.

However, her extended stay in hospital has built up big expenses for her due to continued admission and extension of stay.

Charges for her treatment have soared and yet she has been hanging on to life as there has been no possible solutions.

In 2009 the actress, while reversing her four wheel car during a visit to a friend in a street close killed a one- year old baby by mistake. The boy who was the son of a neighbour to her host was playing in the clso and had strayed to the back of the car.

But the family of the baby didn’t press charges after taken to her repeated pleas.

Tayo’s problem  also had been linked to a reported affair with a NURTW Boss. The relationship it was rumored caused a major turnaround to her life but not without attached headaches.

After winning the heart of the transport big shot,  she reportedly grew wings and  arrogantly offensive to many around her and the Transport guru, especially to the man’s older wives.

Sikiratu: Still alive but very ill

The NURTW Boss MC Oluomo was said to have four wives. It had been claimed the source of her problem may have emanated from this source.


However, there, there had been another linkage to the year old boy she kille.

Reports claimed Tayo had been spotted a week after killing the one year old baby partying apparently showing no remorse at the death of the boy.

It is speculated that she could have got her plight through spiritual attacks from the family of the one year old baby as she was not forgiven after she had shown no remorse.
She was also said to have engaged in physical confrontation with one of the transport henchman’s wife in desperate bid to win his affection.

Funke Akindele: Twitted that Sindod is hale and hearty
Just as things were turning worse on the start of her sickness, she reportedly turned to God always praying hard for a quick recovery while urging members of the public to raise their prayer rain in her favour.
Hope however kindled for her recently when the wife of Lagos State Governor Raji Fashola offered to bankroll her hospital expenses with even fully covered overseas treatment for her Liver Problem