South Africa 2010: London to camp Super Eagles for pre-world cup warm-ups.

Lars Lagerback
Lars Lagerback

The Federal government has approved a new hotel accommodation for the Nigerian Super Eagles after the first choice allocated by FIFA was rejected by the head coach, Lar Lagerback and the entire Super Eagles team.

The former hotel  New Hampshire Hotel in Durban, which had been designated as the camp base for the Super Eagles before former coach Amodu Shuaib was redeployed by the Nigeria Football Federation had been dumped due to bad hygiene as it was said to be infested with mosquitoes and noise-making.

The rejection however has resulted in Nigeria being penalised accused of breach of contract while FIFA has committed Nigeria to pay a fine of $125000 for terminating the contract.

Last week, the Minister of Sports/National Sports Commission Chairman, Ibrahim Bio, and top officials of the NFF travelled to South Africa where the initial agreement with the hotel was cancelled after inspecting the facilities at the hotel and discovering it was not suitable enough for the Eagles.

On Friday, the delegation met with FIFA and later in the day settled for another camp base, Richards Bay Hotel in  Durban.

Eagles manager, Lars Lagerback, was also part of the team in South Africa and has endorsed the new camp base of Nigeria.

Lagerback also has insisted on London as the pre -World Cup camping venue for the Eagles.

Nigeria Flag flying at the World Cup
Nigeria Flag flying at the World Cup

Nigeria will compete for honours in Group B of the competition along with Argentina, South Korea and Greece.

Thirty-two countries will be in South Africa for the World Cup holding between June 11 and July 11.

Meanwhile, FIFA has promised to make available for the Eagles a standby plane during their stay in Durban for the World Cup.

It takes two hours to get to the city from the hotel and FIFA decided to assist the team with a 70-seater airbus to convey the Eagles to training and match venues

Meanwhile, the Federal government has released a sum of  N1.25 billion (over $8 million) for the country’s participation in next month’s World Cup in South Africa.

The released fund  will cover players’ match bonuses and allowances as well as hotel accommodation during the tournament as world football governing body, FIFA, will only subsidise a player’s accommodation by $400-a-night.

Nigeria will pay $700-a-night for rooms at the team’s new World Cup training base a four-star Waterfront Hotel at Richards Bay.

The Super Eagles will earn a total of $9 million from FIFA for featuring in the first round of the championship and will receive more if they progress to the knockout stage.

Official logo for South Africa 2010
Official logo for South Africa 2010

A breakdown of the earning is a million dollars as training grant, which they have since received, and $8 million for featuring in the group stage, which they will get after the tournament.

It was gathered that while the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) will receive a chunk of  N900 million, its supervising government agency, the National Sports Commission (NSC), will get 350 million naira.