South Africa To Withdraw All Non-Essential Staff From Egypt


jacob-zuma-001South Africa to withdraw Egypt Embassy staff-South Africa has signaled its intention to withdraw all non-essential personnel staff from its embassy in Cairo, Egypt, following the recent political development in the country.

International relations department in a statement  said on Thursday that  the decision would be taken and will be retracted when the political situation in the country calls for the return of those staff .

“All non-essential personnel and families attached to the South African embassy in Cairo will be temporarily withdrawn until the situation allows for their return,” spokesman Clayson Monyela said.

The embassy would however remain open and continue rendering consular assistance to South Africans in Egypt.

Monyela said government had observed with concern the suspension of the constitution in Egypt and the “removal from office of a democratically elected president Mohammed Morsi”.

“Instability in Egypt may have far-reaching consequences on the already precarious situation in the country, as well as the North African region and Middle East.”

Armed forces overthrew Morsi on Wednesday, declaring that he had failed the Egyptian people. Morsi was toppled just a year after he was elected as Egypt’s first freely elected president.

Monyela said South Africa was opposed to all forms of unconstitutional change of government, in line with the African Union Constitutive Act.

“We strongly encourage all Egyptians to resolve the present crisis through inclusive dialogue within the relevant national legal framework that seeks to consolidate the democratic achievements made by the Egyptian people in January 2011.”

Monyela said South Africans intending to travel to Egypt should reconsider doing so.