South African Freedom Icon Archbishop Desmond Tutu Dies Aged 84


South African Freedom Icon Archbishop Desmond Tutu Dies Aged 84-Archbishop Desmond Tutu, one of the most notable icons of South Africa’s freedom and Independence from White minority rule and  oppression has passed on.

The resilient God workergiving up the ghost at the weekend.

He was aged 84.

The octogenarian for some time had been indisposed with his condition getting worse last week and had earlier denoted paradoxically that on a statement describing issued describing the former Archbishop as being “very strong.”

Tutu’s wife, Leah on Monday morning had confirmed the news of his death in an issued statement released on behalf of the entire family.

‘’Tutu underwent the surgical procedure 10 days ago to address the cause of a recurring infections resulting from past treatment received for prostate cancer. But he was readmitted on Saturday and he passed on this morning’’

He was an outspoken opponent of apartheid, South Africa’s former system of white minority rule, and was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1984

Archbishop Desmond Tutu: South African Freedom Peace advocate
Archbishop Desmond Tutu: South African Freedom Peace advocate

Tutu was a South African anti-apartheid campaigner and peace advocate/he lived his life as symbol of peace and good heart, carrying his charismatic emblem of smile and open heart to the World in his usual simple and earth warming manner.
Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu was admitted to a Cape Town hospital for treatment of a recurring infection, a similar situation that took him to hospital last year.
According to his family foundation, he got to the hospital by himself.

The 84-year-old was also a Nobel Peace Prize winner, a reward for his peaceful campaign approach during the Apartheid struggle. He was loved by millions across the |World for his good nature and ever smiling posture. He was a rare gem and a man of God as demonstrated by his spiritual commitment and outward nature as he was never seen as losing his temper through his lifetime, a characteristic that has endeared him to many across the World, especially peace advocates in the Western World and beyond.

Tutu went through similar treatment last year, and had been much stronger. The family had wish he would put up the same spirit after his hospital visit but only to receive the news of his death.