South Africa’s Jacob Zuma To Ambassadors:” Portray Your Nation Positively


Zuma3President Jacob Zuma of South Africa’s has charged the nation’s foreign ambassadors to rise up to the challenges of their national duties by ensuring they present the nation in a positive light.

He was speaking on Thursday on the role of technology in today’s information dissemination claiming that the nation’s diplomacy cannot afford to brush off public opinion.

Speaking on Thursday while delivering a speech at the heads of mission conference in Pretoria, he declared: “In this era of globalisation, since information flows like fire and can easily be misinterpreted, our diplomacy cannot afford to neglect public opinion,”.

He referred to the killing of 13 South African soldiers in the Central African Republic during fighting with rebels near Bangui on March 23.

In the aftermath reports surfaced that South African forces were there to protect business interests, instead of simply providing training to the CAR’s army.

“We have witnessed this just recently following the tragic event in the CAR, and how information gets quickly distorted and rumours and lies easily flourish. Prioritising communication and marketing is therefore a key strategic goal.”

There was a need to build stronger networks with non-governmental organisations, think-tanks, universities and other civil society structures.

“This is important because economic decisions to invest in, trade with or visit a country are not always made solely on the facts… they are often emotional and based on perceptions.”

Source: eNCA Pix: AP