Stalemate! Strike continues but hope shines with light at the end of the tunnel brighter…

Labour Leader Abdulwaheed Omar

A high level negotiation meeting between the Government Union leaders and State governors remains inconclusive on Thursday evening but there are indications that deadlock over the on-going strike will end soon.

Nigeria Labour Congress President, Abdulwaheed Omar emerging from the meeting sounded more optimistic that the logjam was near its end, bust insisted the strike must go on since no agreement has been reached yet.

” We had useful discussions but negotiations are inconclusive”, he told a team of reporters, just outside the meeting hall, the first Lady’s wing of the State House in Abuja.

Pressurised more by the reporters, he hinted that: 2 The government has agreed to shift its ground”. He was very cheerful and expressible as he joked with the reporters.

The star of the Government/ Labour Union negotiation, Senator David Mark confirmed the Labour leader’s statement saying that the meeting with the government had been fruitful and that both parties are on the right track.

President Goodluck Joavid Mark

“The light at the end of the tunnel is brighter”, he responded, adding that the meeting was undoubtedly fruitful.

David mark added that both parties had shifted ground to create a level field of play in the negotiation.

He assured Nigerians would hear a good new soon as the worse about the crisis is now over.

An earlier meeting between the Government and members of the nation’s major Trade  unions had ended in deadlock with  negotiation  stalemating on Wednesday evening.

The FG  stood its ground insisting on not reverting the oil subsidy  removal while Labour Unions were obstinate that it is  ”N65 per liter or nothing as the strike would go on which necessitated the the fourth day running of the protest on Thursday.

Nigeria Subdidy talk.. the nation marches on

It is believe that both parties had been locked in a safe saving efforts, not really wanting to appear as the weal link.

As the strike goes on officially on Friday morning as instructed by Labour, it is believed that the pressure  would be down while the tension will be lowered by all Labour stakeholders across the nation.

Prior to the closed door meeting, the Chairman of the House ADHOC Committee, Patrick Ikhariale appealed to both teams to see the meeting as an opportunity to make the best decision for Nigeria.
The Secretary to the Federal Government, Senator Ayim Pius Ayim also asked Labour to call off the strike as negotiation can only go on in a peaceful atmosphere.

The Minister of Labour; Mr Emeka Wogu also appealed to the Labour Union and Civil Society Organisations to call of the strike.

However. further discussion and negotiation have been pushed forward to Saturday January 14, 2012.