State of the nation @50: “We have all failed the nation as Nigerian youths, says Otunba Adewale Adenaike.


Adewale Adenaike
Otunba Adewale Adenaike

The lackadaisical nature of  the Nigerians  youths and the attending lack of will to take the nation’s interest at heart have been attributed to part of the the reason why Nigeria as a country has refused to  move forward since Independence fifty year on.

A London based political activist and frontline youth motivator, Engineer Adewale Adenaike who expressed this opinion during an interview with  recently said: “Unless Nigerian youths stand up to the challenges of the future, Nigeria may never see freedom from the hands of  callous cabals who are setting the nation back from her path of progress”

He was reacting to questions about how the nation should move forward as Nigerians across the world celebrate 50 years of Indepence on Friday, October 1, 2010.

” The youths make the country. Look around the world today and draw your conclusion. Only the youths can bring new  21st century ideas and make our nation great. Nigerian youths have proved this through Nollywood invention and  a rapidly growing music industry in Nigeria, creating something when all hope had been  lost. Why not on the field of governance”. He urged what he called Nigeria’s recycled leaders to take a backstage and entrust the future of our country into the hand of our ever vibrant youths, many of whom he claimed are making waves across the world in everything  and  who have proved to the world that  they are leaders in their various areas of endeavors.

He however attributed the non- activity posture of the Nigerian youths to hunger and attending apathy, adding that these same reasons should motivate for a more pro- active attitude towards woes and denounce the non nationalistic posture of the nation’s ruling class.

According to him,, there is an ominous political uncertainty beclouding Nigeria at the moment as we all move towards 2011 election.

“Unless the nation’s youths show enough dedication by fighting injustices and corruption in high places through one voice of unity and physical action,, there would be worse times coming and pervading  dangers of domination  by the few, who have willed the fortune of the nation to themselves and their kindred” he said, adding: “many of the cabals are using what belong to us to settle us through politics of settlement to continue their hand-twisting of the country.

Action Congress Nigeria

“Unless we all as youths act fast, the injustices that will come in the aftermath of  next year’s election would  be more than what is happening now because, the more the youths are getting wiser and stronger, then the more the cabals are perfecting  their act of domination and injustices towards the nation.” he said.

We must put an end to their callous and evil domination.

Otunba Adewale, a Senatorial hopeful  for Ogun State East Senatorial district who is vying for elective post come 2011 is however optimistic that Action Congress Nigeria will lead Nigeria to a realistic future after winning in 2011, and that the party will  emerge as the winner of next year election. He added:”The nation has heard enough of  PDP government” and we must prove this come election 2011.

“We should all take psychological arms and fight back to dissuade the unrepentant vultures and blood suckers from sucking our blood and that of our future generation further through a resounding victory for Action Congress Nigeria Party come 2011″ he said.

Responding to questions on readiness of the youths to take initiatives in the next election,  the vibrant political agitator responded: “Nigerian youths have moved forward since last election, believed by the world as having been massively rigged. The youths have learnt a lot through new information technology and their exposure to the outside world”.

He said a lot has been learnt through  the use of internet and cable television and satellite usage, and for these reasons, a lot of fight back may happen if anybody ventures to rig 2011 election. And create injustices and apathy.

Eloquent Otunba Adenaike, a Chartered Surveyor and youth development motivator enjoined all Nigerian youths to take up psychological arms in the next election to fight any act of rigging in all part of the country come 2011 election.

“We have laid back for long, thinking that Christ is coming to fight for the commoners. He   has come, giving us good health and motivation to fight for our right; but we fail to take initiatives. We have refused to learn and take right actions when necessary through rejection of injustices and  instead laid  back and think justice is automatic”, he said, adding : We have all as youths failed the nation and must have a change of heart.

He continued: “As 2011 election draws near,  we all  have to be vigilant and ready to  fight injustices so that we can take back our inheritance which had been unjustly taken away by some opportunists, who have got no  interest of the country at heart, but rather are fighting for their pockets and that of their future siblings” he continued.

“As the  new election year approaches in 2011, recent developments in our nation’s polity have more than ever before re-echoed the need for the emergence of a new generation of transformational leaders who will redirect our nation from the pathway of gloom to a brand new Nigeria where everything works”, he advised.

Otunba Adenaike enjoined all Nigerian youths to use the Independence celebration as a reflection of our  past and draw out a positive future so that our days of criminal enslavement will be over.

He said he was confident that Nigerian youths are now fully ready and prepared to take initiatives, referring  to the activities  of the Save Nigeria Groups which demonstrated last year to denounce the activities of the cabal that took over the nation’s presidency when deceased President Yar’Adua was receiving medical treatment abroad,  adding:”nobody ever thought that such demonstration would happen in Nigerian”.

According to professional surveyor,  also a motivational speaker, only a true election with free and fair implementation will save the nation from an impending catastrophe because Nigerians have now been pushed to the wall.

He claimed there is an ominous sign because for long, the youths have been sidelined and deprived and as such, are very hungry and  angry adding: “Only a free and fair election and realistic and well collated party manifesto, such that aims to alleviate the plight of the nation’s people, especially the  youths would save the country from a major crisis in the aftermath of next year’s election.

” Let  us all do it and lift the nation up from the abyss of current destruction by the cabals and their agents across the country”, he advised.