State of the Nation: Generator fumes kill sleeping three in Ibadan

 Sukura lying dead on family bed
Sukura lying dead on family bed

Power generator fumes have wreaked a havoc on an Ibadan based family killing a 45 year old woman, her sister’s 12-year old daughter and landing the sister’s second daughter  in intensive care in the hospital.

In what has been described as government’s insensitivity to the plight of the citizens in terms of power provision for the entire nation, generating plant  carbon monoxide killed  45-year-old  Tawa Alabede, her sister’s daughter Sukura aged  12 and left another young  girl Wuraola lying in intensive care in an Ibadan, Oyo state hospital.
Tawa, an Ibadan based trader is the owner of three beer parlours located beside her house at Ita Maya area of Ibadan South West Local Government.
She had put on her generating set just before she closed the shop for the day while the two daughters of her younger sister lay sleeping in their room close to the beer drinking shop.

But she joined them later to retire for the day forgetting to put off the generator as she wound up the near shop for the day, retiring to the family’s two room apartment.

Tragedy struck when fumes  from the working generator enveloped the vicinity with many neighbours forcing their doors open to let in fresh air in apparent efforts to drive off the poisonous smokes.

Madam Tawa, and the other victims who apparently slept off due to earlier exhaustion were caught in the fume assault with the neighbours unawares of the family having been choked dead inside their apartment.

Gen death Tawa lying dead on the house floor.
Gen death Tawa lying dead on the house floor.

The following morning, the neighbours were agitating as there was no sign of any of Tawa’s  family inmate members emerging in the morning to beckon to the neighbours usual goodmorning greeting.

On sheer curiosity, the neighbours opted to knock the door as the day was becoming brighter and more open with no signs of the family showing up outside.

It was at this point the neighbours thought of forcing the door open suspecting something was going wrong with the family.

On forcing the door open, it was discovered two of the female house inmates were stone dead while the third, a young girl was lying unconscious suffering from fume inhalation from the power generator,

Young  Wuraola was immediately rushed to the hospital  where she was put in intensive care and fitted with oxygen chamber to support her breathing..
A close family eye witness, claimed suspicions started to build up when the family was late to appear in the morning as neighbours became agitating.

The omission was blamed on stress from the hard day’s shop pressure and tiredness.

Eye witness account  explained how Madam Tawa was trying to save the lives of the children before she was caught up . When the door was forced open, she was found in that position, appearing  as if she wanted to carry the girls to safety.

“It was during  Tawa’s rescue attempt that  she was caught up in the smoke inhalation as she seen to have  slumped while rescuing  the  young  Wuraola, her sister’s daughter” claimed a neighbor.

The investigation by National Daily revealed that, Tawa’s mobile phone was found inside her bra as she was brought out of the apartment and was well dressed up as if she wanted to rush to somewhere.

Th effect of the fume inhalation however may have weakened her before slumping to her death while trying to rescue the two young girls.
Madam Tawa’s young son,  Yomi who is living with his father in another area of the city and Tawa’s husband were said to have visited the scene of the incident as both the son and the father lived far away from the area.

It was revealed that Tawa’s husband had kicked against her taking to beer selling and this culminated in their separation and eventual divorce.

Family sources claimed Tawa’s  business as a beer  seller had caused a lot of rumpus with the family always at loggerheads..

She was described as an easy going woman with no record of trouble making in the area where she had lived for over ten years.

The police described the incident as an unfortunate tragedy.

The corpses were however move to Adeoyo State hospital on the orders of the DPO, DSP Ogunmefun who said investigation was commencing immediately.

The DPO however reminded of the dangers of leaving generators overnight, urging all users to be weary and be cautious.