Stella-Gate: London Based Lawyer Calls For Govt Investigation


stella_oduah_ogiemwonyi_12-660x330Stella-Gate: London Based Lawyer Calls For Govt Investigation-The current wave of corruption in Nigeria cannot be sustainable and unless there is an urgent solution to tackle virus that has caused the corruption epidemic, the consequential effect may result in economic disaster sooner than later.

A London based legal practitioner and  political adviser, Barrister Femi Ogunjimi sounded the warning during an interview with

He said the nation is gradually grinding to a halt because of the economic sabotage created by massive looting and unabated public money embezzlement.

He concluded that there is already  a staring doom which may culminate in inevitable anarchy and uprising as the Nigerian public may be forced into mass reaction.

He was reacting to the current controversy surrounding the alleged purchase of two bullet-proof vehicles by Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority for the Minister of Aviation, Mrs Stella Oduah.

” Corruption has eaten deep into the fabric of our leaders that even when an act is being committed, it assumed as normal”, he lamented.

Barrister Ogunjimi attributed the problem to the nation’s lack of respect for the rule of Law.

He said when there is no checks and balances in a system, the end result will be an abuse of the system which Nigeria has been witnessing  for several decades.


“People always say that Nigeria is a bad country. Nigeria is not bad. What we have is a group of gangsters take the nation for a ride and practising a

gangster system’, whereby the mind set of the culprits is” No one can challenge me”. It is a disgraceful impunity the nation cannot sustain for long.

We are a very decent society by definition by with this cancerous ailment called corruption, we are in a terrible mess of economic boomerang because of lack of self control by the powers that be”, he claimed

codeOn the issue of Stella Gate currently sweeping the Nigeria aviation authority, he called on the government to set up  a high powered probe so that the fact of the matter would be established.

“One thing is basic here and that is that there is  the purchase of two bullet-proof vehicles for the Minister of Aviation, Mrs Stella Oduah which appears to be another tragic miscalculation in view of the suffering of many workers of NCAA in particular and the many citizens of the nation in general. There should be worries that Nigerians are treated this way without sympathy and consideration.  

He warned  that the impunity with which government officials dip their hands into government coffers recklessly must end sooner rather than later.

“There should be a painstaking investigation of NCAA and the Ministry of Aviation by both EFCC and ICPC and anybody found culpable should be made to face the wrath of the law in order to serve as a deterrent to others who may likely engage in such abuse of office and unnecessary waste of public funds”

 “It is even highly insensitive on the part of the Minister spending such huge amounts on vehicles when there are insinuations of compromises on air security which has resulted in few crashes in the country”, he added.

He  appealed to President Jonathan  to be weary of what his appointed officials are up to when on public assignments.

 He should  employ a means whereby all his appointees are checkmated from time to time to avoid further embarrassments to his government and his personality,  adding that the culture of impunity must stop to buy some credibility to his government.

Ogunjimi“All hands must be on deck to make life meaningful to the greater number of the citizens of Nigeria and not just the few lucky ones diverting public resources to protect themselves only”.

He wondered why the President has not placed the Minister and other senior officials involved in questionable actions  on suspension in order to avoid any sort of interference in the investigation of the such officials by designated authorities.

It would be recalled that the Minister of Aviation, Mrs Stella Odua was in the news recently for reportedly purchasing two bullet-proof vehicles valued at $1.6Milliom (about N255 Million) for herself from the accounts of NCAA and Ministry of Aviation without due process. There have been several calls for her resignation or outright sack but nothing has been done yet.