Stress: Irregular Bedtimes Linked With Behavioral Problems.


Your_Health_logoInconsistent bedtimes and relative sleep disorders have been linked to irrational behavior  and are identified as worst disorders which can affect an adult health.

Woese sleeping conditions also has been seen as  precipitating a number of ailments in human body. It has now been revealed that kids also get affected by sleep disorders and irregular bedtimes have been indicted for behavioral problems later on when they become adults.

This fact has been revealed in the popular book, “Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child,”

Researchers from the University College London found in a study that irregular bedtimes can cause disturbances in the body rhythms and can cause sleep disturbances and the associated problems with the condition of insomnia.  It also undermines the ability of brain to regulate certain type of behavior.

According to Professor Yvonne Kelly, Ph.D., of the University College London, “Not having fixed bedtimes, accompanied by a constant sense of flux, induces a state of body and mind akin to jet lag and these matters for healthy development and daily functioning. We know that early child development has profound influences on health and well being across the life course. It follows that disruptions to sleep, especially if they occur at key times in development could have important lifelong impacts on health.”

The study included analyzing data which was sourced from 10000 children in the UK Millennium Cohort Study. The researchers collected data in three phases. The first one was when the subject was 3 years, the second at 5 and the third at 7. The study also pored over the reports from the children’s mothers and teachers about any behavioral problems. The study was able to find a link between bedtimes and behavior.

Irregular bedtimes upset the biological rhythm which is also known as the Biological or Circadian rhythm. This in turn affects the development of the brain. As the kid grows with irregular bedtimes it was seen that the child suffered with many behavioral problems like hyperactivity, conduct problems, problems with peers and emotional difficulties — worsened. It was however seen that kids who returned to regular bedtimes showed marked improvement in the behavior.

It is an important study which clearly links irregular bedtimes with behavioral problems. However there is a silver lining, if the teachers and parents are able to diagnose the symptoms early, they can take precautions and reverse the negative effects.-