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Life Jail For Rapists In Nigeria… And 20 Years For Gang...

The Nigeria House of Representatives has approved life imprisonment for any person charged and convicted of rape crime.

Nigerian, 30, stripped of children and work after wife reported they...

Human Right activists are appealing to immigration authority to grant a Nigerian parole so that he would live in the country to raise his two children. The young Nigerian arrived in Malta five years ago to pursue computer studies.

State of the nation: Nigerians in Diaspora to vote in future...

Britain and America are among four countries being considered for trial elections experimentation as the government takes positive moves aimed at securing a free and fair election in the near future. Already, an attempt is being made for the removal of a clause in the Section 77(2) of the Constitution which says only Nigerians resident in Nigeria can register for an election, or even vote during elections.
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