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New Bomb Blast Hit Abuja Killing About 20 ….Scores are Injured

Two bomb blasts roared through Nigerian Capital city of Abuja last night killing about 20 people.

Tragedy!… Many trapped in collapsed Abuja building…

Workers of a construction company are being trapped as a three-story building has just collapsed in Abuja, leaving fears that there might be serious injuries and possible casualties

Bomb threat issued for coming October 1 Independence Day celebration

An email, saying it was sent by a Nigerian militant group based in the oil-producing Niger Delta, said on Wednesday it would bomb the capital Abuja on Independence Day on October 1.

Communities in north Nigeria: marginalised and turning violent

The bombing of the UN building in Abuja is part of a worrying trend inNigeria over the last year. With responsibility apparently being claimed by local Islamic extremist grou

United Nations building bomb blast: All the actions in pictures and...

It was a day many across the world has tagged a black Friday as many workers at the United Nations building in Abuja, Nigeria met their untimely death

Photosplash: Expatriate in ceaseless tantrum on traffic corps over instruction to...

An unidentified expatriate on Thursday went wild causing a ruckus over parking in a central area of Abuja, Nigeria corps.
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