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” The Porn Girl Who Lied To Win My Love”, By...

Because I like fair complexioned ladies, I took her in my car and we got talking. She told me that her name was Sandra, which I later found out was false. She told me she was a student of IMT, Enugu, which was also false. She never enrolled at IMT. When I offered to drive her to her home, she told me she was staying with her uncle. I discovered that the said uncle was her boyfriend. My friend at Onitsha, Omoba, revealed these to me.

“I am Planning A Full Porn Video”, Says Porn Queen, ...

I am going to produce an all-porn movie soon which I would produce and may act in there. All the characters in the movies would engage in live s3x because I am so daring.

“No Shame In My Sex Game”… Showgirl ‘AfroCandy’ Judith Opara Mazagwu...

”Yes I can go nude depending on what is involved; the money and person. Acting is all about l professionalism; acting nude is no big deal. As long as the price is right, I will do anything. This profession is make-belief. And that is one thing the public should know. I know most of our actress won’t be this blunt but I tell you they can do it. Na money we dey talk about here my brother”
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