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United States Mass Killer-Couple Left Home Six Months Old Baby

Investigators of a major mass murder case in the United States are puzzled about the motive b

Flight MH370: French Aviation Guru Fingers America In Air Tragedy...

Flight MH370: French Aviation Guru Fingers America In Tragedy Conspiracy-Remember flight MH370, the controversial Malaysian Airline that disappeared with 239 passengers after crashing off...

Sanni Abacha’s Stuffed Billions Frozen By United States Justice Department

 Sanni Abacha's Stuffed Billions Frozen By United States Justice Department-The United States Department of Justice has once again reiterated the extent to which former...

Basketball: Lithuania keeps America running at a 99-94 win…other results

Two days after running and gunning to a record-shattering 83-point win against Nigerian team, the US men’s Olympic basketball team had to come back in the fourth quarter for a 99-94 win over a fearless Lithuania team.

Earthquake hit Los Angeles as damages are reported to buildings

The U.S. Geological Survey has reported that a magnitude 4.1 quake struck 8:07 a.m. Saturday

Whitney Houston: No traces of drugs or alcohol yet as tributes...

When the news broke to the world that the music top celebrity and actress, Whitney Houston broke out, the expectations in many circle was her death must have been drug related.

Wikipedia threatens to go offline over US piracy bill

The US lawmakers behind the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) say it would deal a blow to online pirates and producers of counterfeit brand products like designer fashion items or medicines.

US dirty Trick: Russia to keep within borders in its response...

The military measures outlined by President Dmitry Medvedev in response to America’s controversial missile defense system in Europe will be taken within Russia's borders, according to senior Russian MP Konstantin Kosachev.

As Saif Al-Islam lives, ghost of Ghadaffi's murder now hunts the...

Col. Gaddafi is dead and details of his murky backstage deals with Western leaders have been buried with him. But Gaddafi’s son and key ally is safe and sound and may eventually appear at the War Crimes Court to spill secrets of his father’s regime.

World Security: Lack of trust puts Russia and America in...

Both Moscow and Washington officially admit that talks on America’s anti-missile shield in Europe have stalled.
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