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Apple names Arthur Levinson as Steve Jobs successor

Apple Inc. has named Arthur Levinson as its non-executive chairman, a move that rewards the longtime Apple board member who chose it over Google...

Amazing!… Android Pummels Apple and Blackberry in Smartphone Supremacy Race

In the race for smartphone dominance the Android OS reigns supreme with the once leading Blackberry OS drifting rapidly to the bottom of the heap. According to statistics from market analysts at Comscore Americans continue to turn away from Blackberry. Meanwhile, in a three-month period ending in May, smartphone ownership in the U.S. rose by 11 percent according to Comscore. G

BBC News enters a new era of Android launch

Like the iPhone app, the Android version is free, and works on version 1.6 or better – but for support of live streaming the BBC News channel you need Flash, which requires Android 2.2 to work.
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