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United Kingdom Most Senior Roman Catholic Cleric, Cardinal Keith O’Brien Resigns...

he Catholic Church in Britain was in turmoil today following the resignation of its most senior cleric, Cardinal Keith O'Brien, amid allegations of "inappropriate" conduct.

Africa, a continent of hope, says Pope Benedict XVI

Many conflicts have originated in man's blindness, in his will to power and in political and economic interests which mock the dignity of people and of nature......When I say that Africa is a continent of hope, I am not indulging in mere rhetoric, but simply expressing a personal conviction which is also that of the Church. Pope Benedict

Poverty Britain: Religious leaders say coalition govt policy is big doom...

As such, we feel compelled to speak for children who might be faced with severe poverty and potentially homelessness, as a result of the choices or circumstances of their parents. Such an impact is profoundly unjust.’

Archbishop frowns at legalised same sex marriage

"The distinctive nature of marriage is something that is very important to the wellbeing of society because it is the foundation of family life as we know it and as it is experienced by the vast majority of people."

Auxiliary Bishop appointed for Abuja Catholic Missionary

By his appointment, Father Anselem Umoren becomes a vicar general, appointed by the diocesan bishop and a helper assisting the archdiocese’s Bishop John Olorunfemi Onaiyekan in general administration.

Pope supports use of condoms to save humanity and preserve life

Pope Benedict XVI has said the use of condoms is acceptable in exceptional circumstances, according to a new book.

More English men enter priesthood list hitting ten year high

The numbers of men entering English seminaries to become Catholic priests have hit a ten year high.

Pope launches team to ‘re-evangelise’ the West

Pope Benedict XVI has set up a soul saving team of faith teachers giving them the responsibility of working on ways of bringing back to line straying christian devotees who are deserting the Church on flimsy grounds and turning back against God.
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