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Five governors giving the boot by Supreme Court…for dodgy victory claim

Justices of the Supreme Court in Nigeria has ruled that five state governors in Nigeria have been staying in power illegally as they have no legal mandate to remain in office beyond May 29 2011.

2011 Presidential Election: Tribunal dismisses CPC petition claiming it lacked...

An Electoral Petition Tribunal sitting in the Federal Capital Territory in Abuja has dismissed a petition brought before it by CPC, challenging the victory of President Goodluck Ebele.

Desperate North regroups to plan on how to grab back power

Barely 48 hours after President Goodluck Jonathan's inauguration was held in Abuja, fresh facts have emerged, that some politicians of Northern extraction were out to checkmate President Goodluck Jonathan as he begins his four-year tenure of office.

ACN snubs government of national unity as GEJ shops for Ministers

The Action Congress of Nigeria has said it is not interested in the Government of National Unity (GNU) being planned by the PDP-led federal government, saying it is satisfied with its role as the leader of opposition and a government-in-waiting.

An Open letter to Nigerian President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan

In my opinion your election as the President of the Federal republic of Nigeria was truly free and fair. You can therefore triumphantly claim your place in the political history of our great country as a man of your own words. We have whole heartedly and freely given you the baton but what you do with it now remains to be seen and entirely your choice.

Jonathan to invite others parties to government to forge unity and...

As President Goodluck Jonathan continues with consultations over the composition of his next cabinet, ahead of his inauguration on May 29, indications have emerged that members of opposition parties would be drafted into the government to serve as ministers, special advisers and special assistants.

Official Gubernatorial election results

The official gubernatorial election result can be viewed here as INEC works its magic to complete pending result from other states.

Nigeria's finest hour as free and fair elections were held in...

Nigeria Election 2011 has turned out a miraculously a successful exercise, taking off from a seemingly hopeless foundation but finding a true and solid pillars in the determination of people through the grace of the almighty.

"Free and fair election?, This is just the beginning", says Jonathan

President Goodluck Jonaathan has thanked all Nigerians for their commitment to the sustenance of democracy in the country and most especially for the enthusiasm they have shown in the current elections.

PDP hit by election quake in Oyo, Lagos and Ogun states…...

A major political earthquake has hit the ruling People’s Democratic Party, loosing its foothold in a major political election tsunamis which has swept most of the party’s influences in South- Western Nigeria. The earlier tremor of Tuesday’s elections’ tsunamis had been felt by some states in April 9’s parliamentary election, in which saw many parliamentary of the ruling party going with the resulting whirlwindg. The preceding election   swept
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