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Panic In France As 140 Are Killed In Friday Night Terror...

Paris, the French capital is in standstill as more than 140 are reported dead in a major Friday night terror attack. An

Mali is not a global conflict, so a global response would...

To listen to some of the comment on the seizure of Western hostages in eastern Algeria, you’d have thought that the world now faces a global threat from a revived al-Qa’ida that stretches right across Africa from Somalia in the east to Nigeria in the west, taking a dozen countries along the way.

Africa’s French new eyes… what sort of signals with Francois Hollande?

...The fact that Ivorian President Alassane Ouattara happens to be a personal friend of Mr Sarkozy - and met him a day after his election defeat in the Elysee - will not deter Mr Hollande from seeking to establish a good relationship with Ivory Coast

France pupil assassin loses out in Toulouse gun duel… jumped to...

The scooter assassin, Mohamed Merah, insisted on writing his own bloody script to the end. After a 32-hour siege,

Former French leader, Jacques Chirac is convicted of corruption

Former French leader, Jacques Chirac has been found guilty of corruption while in office. A French Court committed the former leader to a two-year suspended prison sentence for diverting public funds and abusing public trust and confidence.

South Africa, Kenya demand honor and dignity for Africa as...

South African, has reacted angrily to the shabby treatment of African leaders over the on-going Libya aggression by NATO and the eventual recognition of the National Transition Council.

How Libya's National Transition Council mortgaged Libya's future to big powers,...

It has emerged that the currently recognised Libya's National Transition Council mortgaged Libya's future to gain favour and general support for the ousting of Libya leader, Mahmoud Gadffi, so that it can take control of the country.

Gadaffi manhunt: "Not in my name"…says United States cuddling along...

The United States on Thursday distanced itself from efforts to hunt down Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, saying neither U.S. assets nor NATO forces were targeting the fugitive strongman.

Eurozone economic growth close to standstill, says financial Times

Eurozone economic growth is close to a standstill, with Germany’s prospects deteriorating further this month, according to a closely watched survey.

Under-20 World Cup: We will crush France under our feet,...

As the Flying Eagles continue their march in Colombia, their next stop will be in Cali today as they file out to face European champions, France, in the last quarter final match.
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