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Terrorism: Henry Okah Sentenced To 24 Years Imprisonment As MEND Says...

The movement for the Emancipation of Niger Delta have threaten brimstone and fire as its leader on Tuesday was sentenced to a 24 years imprisonment. The Organisation alleging injustice following the judgement said the nation has murdered sleep and may see sleep no more.

50th Independence Day Bombing: Henry Okah Is Found Guilty By South...

Henry Okah, the former head and motivator of the Movement For the Emancipation Of Niger Delta has been found guilty of masterminding the massive bomb attack that rocked the nation’s 50th anniversary Independence Day celebration in 2010.

Boko Haram Terrorism: The world nations rise up to support Nigeria

AS Nigeria security agencies announced on Monday that two suspects have been arrested in connection with the Christmas day bombings, world leaders and great nations across the world are assuring the nation of unflinching solidarity as the nations in mourns and counts her loses.

Abuja bombings: More questions than answers…. as govt appears more economical...

The Nigerian government may have been economical in discharging many truths about its original information on the Independence day anniversary bombing blast that killed about 12 people, a stone throw from Eagle Square, the venue of the celebration.
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