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Libya supreme Court lifts ban on anti-Gadaffi praises in country

Libya’s Supreme Court has banned a law attempting to sweep under the carpet the good image of slain former leader, Muammar Gadaffi and his achievement as a good leader.

Gaddafi’s 50Million Euro handout: Sarkozi denies 2007 campaign donation from Libya

With the second round of French election looming, and French leader, Nicolas Sarkozy hanging on tenterhooks, ...Read more on Libya's Sarkozi election sponsorship....

Libya: Nation breaks into two… as East Libya declares autonomy

Tribal leaders and militia commanders declared oil-rich eastern Libya a semiautonomous state on Tuesday, a unilateral move that the interim head of state called a "dangerous" conspiracy by Arab nations

Finally, he is resting as Gaddafi’s rotting corpse is buried inside...

The ousted Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi was buried at dawn on Tuesday at a secret location in the desert. This ends the macabre wrangle over the former leader’s rotting corpse, which had been on public display for five days

Libya: 'My dad's death wont stop the war', says Saif al-Islam

Mahmoud Gadaffi Heir apparent, Saif Al Islam has said that the war in Libya will take a long time to end, claiming the nation would remain unbowed even if his father was eventually killed.

Gadaffi vows to fight to end after 64 air strike on...

Mahmoud Gadaffi emerged on Tuesday night from hiding to tell NATO that he would fight to the end as a martyr rather tahn surrendering to the aggression of allied forces

Saif Islam Gadaffi not captured… appears in public… the video

Contrary to reports that Mahmoud Gadaffi heir apparent, Saif Islam Gadaffi has been captured following
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