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Sacked Director of Immigration Denies Illegal Recruitment Of New Officers

Nigeria’s Director of Immigration, Mrs Rosemary Chinyere Uzoma, who was sacked recently due to the alleged recruitment scandal has denied the Ministry of Internal Affairs claim, indicating that the reason given for her sack was aimed at destroying her image.

Bakassi: Nigeria surrenders as nation rubs in Cameroun’s slap under big...

Nigeria has finally said yes to the ceding of a portion of Nigeria resources to Cameroun, conceding defeat in a questionable legal victory which awarded the portion of the nation's

Immigration: Oluwole, popular den of forgery raided by Lagos joint force

THE long arm of the law on Sunday seized about 15 suspected fraudsters and forgers who specialized in forging counterfeit documents, including Nigeria's International Passport

Nigeria's new e-passport: Embassy steps up action as Deadline remains...

Nigerians across the world are being reminded that every Nigerian International passports that is not of the new current e-passport will expire April this year.

Mum faces jail for sending teenager to Nigeria against his wish

The mother of a Nigeria teenager has been ordered to return him back to Britain within ten days or face jail for sending him home to Nigeria agaist his will Unless she succeeds in bringing him back to British soil, she risks about four years imprisonment.

Fake marriage scandal: Three Nigerians arrested in Tilbury church

Three Nigerians have been arrested over allegations of fake marriage in Tilbury near London. The arrests followed a tip to the UK Border Agency operation that the alleged wedding was due to hold at a church in the city.
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