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Jerry Useni: Nigeria’s Banes Are Corruption, Lack Of love And Selfishness

Retired Lt. General Jeremiah Useni needs no introduction. The prominent role he played during the reign of late Head of State, Sani Abacha, as...

Bloodshed: Babangida's day of reckoning is neigh, says Vatsa's nephew

A member of the Vatsa family likened Babangida’s statement to shedding “crocodile tears” “an after thought”.

Military accuses northern elders of sponsoring Islamic militants in Nigeria

A group called the Committee of Borno Elders and Leaders of Thought says all federal troops should leave the city of Maiduguri, located in the northeast Nigerian state of Borno, because they are escalating the crisis there by engaging in human rights abuses.

Nigeria Soldiers on 'Mad Dog' rampage as DPO, DCO and eight...

A Divisional Police Officer(DPO), his duty head of crime units (DCO) and about twelve other police junior officers, many of them from the Rapid Response Squad were gun down in cold blood as Nigerian soldiers took laws into their hand following the death of a colleague.
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