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Tragedy: Eighty Killed In Major Earthquake In Pakistan

At least eighty people have been reported dead in a major earthquake in Pakistan The tragedy has left another 80 injured seriously injured when a...

Corruption link: Pakistan Prime Minister sacked by Court for covering President

Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani of Pakistan has been declared ineligible for office after a Supreme Court decision on Tuesday disqualified him in a ruling, plunging the country into fresh leadership turmoil.

Miracle: Six-legged baby regains normalcy after eight-hour operation

Doctors battling to return to normal a baby boy born with six legs has had a successful operation to remove his four extra limbs, it was disclosed on Saturday.... Read the miracle story

Bin Laden killed and laid to rest according to...

Mr Obama, addressing the United States and people across the globe shortly after 11.30pm on a Sunday night from the East Room of the White House, said that the Saudi-born Islamist had been killed on Sunday in an American ground operation in Abbotabad, Pakistan. He concluded: “Justice has been done.” As crowds gathered outside the White House waving American flags and singing “The Star Spangled Banner”, Mr Obama confirmed the news that had already leaked out, stating that “the United States has conducted an operation that killed Osama bin Laden, the leader of al-Qaeda”.

Michael Ikenna Nduanya to be executed by firing squad or lethal...

Michael Michael Ikenna Nduanya, the Nigerian youngster who was committed to death penalty in Vietnam last week could be eliminated this week through firing squad, according to mounting rumors in the country.
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