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Finally, Babangida now laid to rest… politically as he retreats for...

FORMER Head of State, Gen Ibrahim Babangida on Saturday announced his final withdrawal from active politics, saying that it is time for the young generation to take over the leadership of the country. He, however, canvassed a five-party system as the best option for the country against the 63 registered political parties.

A dangerous trend…. as our leaders now play disintegration games.

As Nigeria moves closer to the next election in 2011, recent political development in the country has given much reason for concerns. There is no doubt that the nation’s political journey has been a tortuous one, having passed through many huddles of internal calamity, lurching across religious, political and e

Abuja bombings: Raymond Dokpesi goes to court, seeks N100m from SSS...

Following his recent invitation for a chat with nation's Security Services, Raymond Dokpesi, the proprietor of Africa Independent Television (AIT) and Campaign Manager of the former military dictator, Ibrahim Babangida, has reportedly gone to court.

Abuja bombings: More questions than answers…. as govt appears more economical...

The Nigerian government may have been economical in discharging many truths about its original information on the Independence day anniversary bombing blast that killed about 12 people, a stone throw from Eagle Square, the venue of the celebration.

AIT keeps all guessing as it re-emerges on airwaves sparking excitement

Many Nigerians in the Diaspora were in ecstasy following the re-emergence of African Independence television (AIT) on Tuesday afternoon following almost six months of non transmision to Europe.
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