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Russia, NATO In Elbow Bang As Turkey Downs War Plane In...

Russia and NATO allies are on the verge of a new cold war following a member state, Turkey’s shooting down of an attacking aircraft which was on a attack mission to SIS and Syrian rebels in Syria

Security: Russian Arms Rescuing Nigeria From Boko Haram Conspiracy

For the second time in her checkered history, the intervention of Russia in Nigeria's security challenges has proved crucial in dealing with difficult situations....

BRICS Nations Urged To Establish Own Rating Agency

BRICS  Nations Urged To Establish Own Rating Agency-Russia has urged her BRICS nations  partners to hold their destinies in their hands  by establishing a single common...

BRICS Nations To Establish IMF, World Bank Alternatives

The RICS nations may soon establish an alternative internationally recognised financial institution that will rival the  International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, Th...

Big Leap As BRICS Nations Experiment On Development Bank With $100bn

The BRICS  nations have taken a big leap toward creating a development Banks that will rival both the World Bank and International Monetary Fund,...

Doomday Looms As America, Britain Are Set To Bomb Syria

Doomday Loom As America, Britain Are Set To Bomb Syria- Russian officials on Tuesday expressed fears that  the Middle East could be on the...

Russia accuses United States Of Attempting A New Cold...

Moscow furiously claimed that the new law, which also bars blacklisted Russians from owning US land and using the banking system, was evidence of a "vindictive desire" to damage Russia's world standing.

Espionage?: Russia boots out US Agency for meddling in internal affairs

Russia has booted out of the country the United States Agency for International Development(USAID), accusing the organization of covertly engaging in espionage and meddling in Russia's political affairs

Syria: Russian warships ‘ready to sail to defend interests’

It is being reported that large Russian amphibious naval ships are steaming toward the Syrian port of Tartus, where Russian civilians and naval infrastructure are under threat from ongoing civil disorder.

Crashed Russia’s Sukhoi Superjet-100 sighted in 30 miles from Jakarta

The debris of Russia's Sukhoi Superjet-100 which went down on Wednesday afternoon has been found in Indonesia, 30 miles from the Capital Jakarta.
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