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Blood In Their Hands: How Former Lagos Administrator, Others Planned Letter...

The purported letter bomb that killed former Newswatch Publisher, Dele Giwa was delivered by a former Lagos State Military Administrator , according to a revelation by popular online news forum, Sahara Reporters.

Abuja bombings: More questions than answers…. as govt appears more economical...

The Nigerian government may have been economical in discharging many truths about its original information on the Independence day anniversary bombing blast that killed about 12 people, a stone throw from Eagle Square, the venue of the celebration.

Oh yes! Graft is us and nation is helpless except moan,...

Is there really any other country in the world in which almost every leader and leadership of an entire era can be accused of such generational sleaze? .... And if such there be, will those kleptocrats complacently and shamelessly walk free?By Sonala Olumhense

Halliburton bribe scandal: Many Nigerian leaders implicated by London source

The stunning list, which almost reads like a Who’s Who in Nigeria, contains the names of top civilian and former military leaders, governors, ministers and civil servant. They were obtained from five notebooks found on 2 September, 2004 in the archives of the London Office of Kellogg Brown & Root (KBR) by investigating Halliburton Attorneys. KBR was the American subsidiary of TSKJ, the consortium which won scandal-tainted contract to build the liquefied natural gas plant in Bonny. The other c
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