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17 Pregnant Teenagers, Boy, 23, Arrested As Police Raid Illegal Baby...

The factory according to Police has produced several motherless babies as innocent teenagers are brainwashed to have babies which are snatched from them for onward transfer to needy families who are desperate for children. Police claimed the illegal baby breeding home is the biggest discovery in the history of illegal baby production factory which had been discovered in Nigeria.

Good health Hints: 40 Foods To Eat When Pregnant

It is important to maintain constantly the eating of healthy food so you can retain excellent state of heath when pregnant.

Parents blinded as 13 year-olds get contraceptive in Schools to prevent...

Devices temporarily prevent pregnancy by releasing hormones into the blood In 2011, 1,700 girls aged 13/14 were fitted with implants Under 'patient confidentiality' rules, school staff...

Anti natal class sessions for pregnant pupils in Secondary schools…. as...

Parents and children charity organisations are kicking against the new move by the government to organise anti natal class sessions for pregnant school girls claiming the move would encourage more girls into unwarranted sexual adventures and encourage more moral decadence.

Sex at 16 can harm your teenie as America group preaches...

Sex by 16 ‘can harm academic prospects’ because teens grow up too quickly Teenagers who have sex before GCSE age are less likely to go to university, say researchers.

Sex at 16

The six-year Glasgow University study of 5,000 students investigated the 'negative effects' of early sex on youngsters' plans for further education.
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