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Nigerian Chartered Accountant Jailed Over Five Years For Facilitating EU Link...

A Nigerian accountant has been jailed in Britain for facilitating fake marriages, using made-up documentations and using them as authentic papers to deceive immigration case workers in the British Home Office.

Immigration: David Cameron Says No More Father Christmas Soft Touch Approach...

In a bid to cut down on immigration,British Prime Minister David Cameron on Monday announced a string of tough measures to over-turn the country's "soft touch" image, saying new immigrants should not expect benefits like a "home on arrival".

Immigration: British Prime Minister And Deputy Hold Tough Stance ...

British Prime Minister David Cameron and his deputy, Nick Clegg are both on path to a tough stance against UK immigrants as both are announcing new measures to curb abuse and stem the tide of abuse and migrants influx.

Olympics 2012: Participants banned from marriage and school admission applications

Foreign Olympic athletes and coaches visiting United Kingdom to take part in the coming Olympics will not be allowed to marry while on British soil for the Games

160,000 migrants with expired visas are on United Kingdom streets

An estimated 160,000 migrants whose visas have expired may have been loitering the streets in the United Kingdom, a watchdog report has claimed.

UK Immigration: Govt goes tough with decentralization of UKBA

The United Kingdom Immigration Department is introducing a new measure to bring about more sanctity into the Department following re

Britain wants rich and privileged immigrants for settlement, disowning low comers

"Importing economic dependency on the state is unacceptable," the immigration minister said, adding: "Bringing people to this country who can play no role in the life of this country is equally unacceptable.", Damian Green, Immigration Minister

UK private colleges caught in immigration crackdown as admissions are denied...

"Too many institutions were offering international students an immigration service rather than an education and too many students have come to the UK with the aim of getting work" says Damien Green, Immigration Minister

Appeal Court quashed Nigerian's deportation order on daughter's ground

A Nigerian man who allegedly used deception in gaining entry to Northern Ireland was unlawfully detained as an illegal entrant, the Court of Appeal ruled.

Nigerian, 37, jailed seven years for ingesting 73 packages of Cocaine

A Nigerian has been jailed for seven years in London for importing a large quantity of hard drugs which was hidden in his bowel.
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