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Immigration: British Prime Minister And Deputy Hold Tough Stance ...

British Prime Minister David Cameron and his deputy, Nick Clegg are both on path to a tough stance against UK immigrants as both are announcing new measures to curb abuse and stem the tide of abuse and migrants influx.

Immigration: UK Borders Walking a Tight Rope As Amnesty Fortune May...

The UK Border Agency's may have walked a tightrope in bids to streamline Immigration control and effect sanity as thousands of immigrants appear out of reach in an attempt to force them out of the United Kingdom. Already, the United Kingdom Border Agency is in a dilemma on what to do with the elusive thousands of immigrants scattered across the country as attempts to clear a massive backlog of cases could become a reluctant granted "amnesty" in order to safe faces.

Britain wants rich and privileged immigrants for settlement, disowning low comers

"Importing economic dependency on the state is unacceptable," the immigration minister said, adding: "Bringing people to this country who can play no role in the life of this country is equally unacceptable.", Damian Green, Immigration Minister

Nigerian, 37, jailed seven years for ingesting 73 packages of Cocaine

A Nigerian has been jailed for seven years in London for importing a large quantity of hard drugs which was hidden in his bowel.

Britain woos World's super rich to visit 'magical' heavenly stately holiday...

The world’s wealthiest tourists are to be targeted in a new multi-million pound marketing campaign urging them to embark on luxury holidays to Britain’s vast array of castles, stately homes and attractions.

Nigeria mother jailed in the UK for sending 17year-old son to...

The mother of a teenager who claims he was forced to undergo exorcism to purge him of his disobedience has been jailed. Lydia Erhire has become the first person in the UK to be jailed under forced marriage laws after Edirin Onogeta-Idogun, 17, was sent to
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