Taiwo Jamani: Woman Linked To Cause Of Death… More facts Emerge


Taiwo Jamani 1A Nigerian woman socialite has been linked to the cause of the death of Taiwo Jamani, the Irelan based socialite  who died last week following serious injuries he sustained after he was aatcked by an irate countryman in the centre of Sword, Dublin in Ireland.

Contrary to some  rumours that the two men had a business linked that strained their relationship, it has now emerged that the woman whose name was given as Biola  played an important role helping Police in their investigation.

She was described as a former confidant of Jooda Akanbi, Taiwo’s killer who originally was married to an Irish woman.

The lady may now play an important role in the case as she had been identified as a principal witness.

According to a reliable source, a major rivalry issue sprang up sometimes last year following a short meeting between Taiwo and Biola  who was already enjoying a blossoming love and business relationship with Jooda Akanbi, the killer.

 Following the discovery of an under ground romance between the two, Jooda developed a cold feet , thinking that the business relationship between him and Biola would be put into jeopardy and the feeling that the other party may benefit more from the business link, he decided to crawl backn appealing to the lady that he would benefit her more than Taiwo.

Prior to the feud, both Taiwo and Jooda were said to be bosom friends,

Biola was described as a mother of three who had lost her husband because of certain suspicion which he (the husband) had about Biola’s ways of life. He moved out to a different location.

A source claimed:”The problem was not this year issue, it happened some time last year when the killer was having an affair with a woman that the husband left because of her strange engagements outside of the family home. She had three grown kids. The men who also are married and are well known were glued to the woman because of certain business interests, with both determined to win her heart”.

According to the sources,  the deceased had a short separation from the lady following a broken down business agreement which made the attacker walk his way back to the Biola.

Almost a year later on the day of the attack, Taiwo Jamani had visited Biola, pleading for more time to resolve their issues and soliciting for a rekindling of their old social and business contacts.

“She agreed and blamed Taiwo for the breakdown of their old relationship”.

After Jamani convinced her of  the continue f their old relationship,  the mother of three went and told the Jooda that the issue between her and Jamani had been resolved and would not want to entertain his presence again.

 At this point, Jooda felt once again betrayed blaming Jamani for Biola’s unstable state of mind over their romance and business affairs.

“He started to send text messages to the deceased that he would kill him for spoiling his market”, the source claimed.

On the day of the incident, Jamani had visited Biola’s home and had been sighted by Jooda who was driving pass the area.

Taiwo Jamani scene“He stopped in the middle of the road and started abusing Taiwo Jamani using all sort of abusive words with the later maintaining his silence. A he was ignored, by a more matured Taiwo,jooda felt offended that he was being belittled and then pulled over and parked the car. He walked back to confront Taiwo’

 At this point, Mr Jamani held on to his conversation as a matured person. Jooda Akanbi, feeling more insulted by the way he was ignored went back to his boot to pick up a baseball bat. On getting to the deceased, Jooda slapped him and since this was happening on a main street day time the deceased turned back and without responding  walked away.

As he was walked away from the scene, the killer took his baseball bat and hit Taiwo on the head.

 Taiwo fell  down and was unconscious wreeling on the floor.

At this stage, seeing that he had incapacitated Taiwo, Jooda continued hitting him till somen passers-by were white guys started shouting on him and cautioning him to stop hitting him so hard.

 One of the guys then went to report  at a nearby police station.

The other man seeing that trouble was beckoning ran off immediately from the scene.

He had since refused to show up despite Police consistent appeal.

However, the mother of three is said to have stood her ground that she would be a major witness in the murder case.

According to sources, the deceased family is said to be living in Holland while the killer is married to an Irish woman living in the same area where the murder happened.
Biola had made statements with police on how Jooda in the past used the same baseball bat to attack her  while the third  guy claimed that he decided to stay away from both because Jooda had used the same baseball bat to threaten him on several occasions.

Biola (left) maintained a good romantic  relationship with both Taiwo and Jooda and was a good business friend too.
Biola (left)  a mother of three maintained a good romantic relationship with both Taiwo and Jooda and was a good business friend too. She has been helping the Police and will be a principal witness in the murder case.

The deceased has been on life support for the past one month and with no sign of improvement. The doctors said there is no need of letting him suffer for nothing.
On November 13th, 2013, they took him off life support.

Jooda Akanbi, aged 37, from Applewood in Swords appeared in Court on October 15 and  was remanded in custody placed under close watch at  Cloverhill Prison..

He wasn’t granted  application for bail.

A second man, who is also aged in his 30s, was arrested at the scene was detained at Coolock Garda Station.

Gardaí have appealed to anyone who may have information on the incident to contact them. In particular, they are looking for people who may have footage of the incident