Terrorism In Africa: President Goodluck Jonathan’s Aide Accuses Big Powers Of Conspiracy


Nigeria crying!Terrorism In Africa: President Goodluck Jonathan’s Aide Accuses Big Powers Of Conspiracy-The spate of violence and ceaseless act of terrorism by tear away groups in the African continent  have been linked to the big powers  who are desperate for influences in the African continent. The big powers have been indicted as the insinuators of the terror acts because they supply arms and ammunition dissidents.

An aide of   President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria has indicated  many interest groups representing the big power world veiled themselves hypocritically, using violence to seek for influence, economic interest and financial gains through arming of terror groups whose acts destabilize African continent.

Special adviser to the  President on political affairs and the coordinator of Goodluck Support Group (GSG), Mr Ahmad Gulak representing the president during the launching of the United Kingdom chapter of the Goodluck Support Group  was defending the government on its failure to dislodge and defeat the dreaded Boko Haram members who continue to wreck havoc on the northern part of the country causing mayhem.

The launching took place in central London last weekend.

Mr Gulak claimed Goodluck Jonathan will continue to tackle the menace of Boko Haram until the members are defeated.

According to him, violence in Africa is not limited to Nigeria alone. He mention the other related groups that had caused mayhem in the process of political agitation in Africa  claiming the illegal groups had always been armed by foreign big powers seeking economic interests. He commended the efforts of President Jonathan for what he described as concerted efforts to curtail more calamities.

He appealed to the outside powers: ” Stop arming terrorists. Stop arming African brothers to encourage terrorism. Stop the supply of ammunition”

“I will appeal to the Western governments to stop funding rebels and insurgents in Africa. Stop selling arms and ammunition to them. Illegal importation of weapons must stop.”

Mr Gulak also described jonathan as the Messiah of our time claiming he had emerged as Nigeria’s president through divine intervention. He calimed Jonathan was better suited for the nations presidency considering his profiles as a well meaning leader tracing many important positions that he had held in the past. He said he had out-performed many of his predecessors and therefore is the only leader that has what it takes to win the next election and take the nation to the promised land.

“Nobody in Nigeria today with President Jonathan’s credentials as a leader . He has  passed through all the rudiments of leadership. He is the first deputy governor that became governor, later VP and then President. He is the first PhD holder to rule Nigeria. Education is important in nation-building.President  Jonathan is the first President to encourage the northern youths to go back to school through the establishment of modern Almajiri schools.

He however assured that the president would not vie for the third term as president claiming he would never live to be a sit-tight president having sworn his allegiance to the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999. He described Jonathan as a symbol of unity.

Mr Ahmad Gulak, Jonathan Adviser on Political Affairs and cordinator GSG
Mr Ahmad Gulak, Jonathan Adviser on Political Affairs and cordinator GSG

Mr Gulak  pointed out that Jonathan had immensely enhanced the nation having made rapid progress on the field of education, power sector and infrastructures and has unveiled many previously unknown problems through which the nation  had been misruled in the past.


By Fatai Ogunribido