‘The greatest’ Usein Bolt speaks on Carl Lewis:”I have lost all respect for him”

Bolt and Blake

Usain Bolt shocked himself in an historical sprint record, emerging as the only man to successfully defend the Olympic 100 and 200 metres tagged  the double double.

As his record timing was displayed on the public show -board, the wonder runner shouted ‘OH MY GOD’ in shocking exclamation of his rare feat.

The fastest runner in the World was gobsmacked pinning  a finger to his mouth in consternation,  a gesture attest to the fact that he was unsure of his rare feat before the race. Many had expected that Bolt would fall short in this year’s Olympic, after he claimed to be nursing some injuries as he claimed he was not fully fit.

Bolt declared himself  the master and the greatest athlete in history as his convincing record stamped his position as one of the greatest sprint stars in history.

He dwarfed his arch rival and training mate Yohan Blake winning over him comfortably.

However, Bolt used his victory  to revenge an earlier attack on him by Carl Lewis after the later has weaved up a possible drug link.   The American sprint legend was said to have made a bigger remark on him linking drugs before the London Games.

Bolt feels Lewis was all but accused him of being a drug cheat, casting aspersions on his performances in an interview. ‘It is really annoying that Lewis said those things without any proof,’ said Bolt. ‘Nobody really remembers who he is. I shouldn’t have responded to that question but what he said was really annoying.’

That was in the interview mixed zone but he raised the issue again in the main press conference.

‘I am going to say something controversial,’ said Bolt. ‘What Carl Lewis said has degraded the sport. It was really upsetting and I have lost all respect for him. He was talking about drugs and I can only think he was looking for attention.

After winning gold in the 100m and 200m in Beijing, the man who is also the double world record-holder followed victory in the shorter distance here in London with another demonstration of his astonishing ability here last night.

He destroyed Blake, easing off because of a sore back but still equaling Michael Johnson’s winning time of 19.32 at the 1996 Atlanta Games.

In a trademark act of showmanship, Bolt looked back across the track to Blake, raised an index finger to his lips, did a couple of press-ups once he had come to a halt and then walked back to  kiss the finishing line. He even borrowed a photographer’s camera to take a picture.

When he walked into the press conference room he called for a ‘drum roll’ and then he said: ‘I’m now a legend. I am the greatest athlete to live. To all the people who doubted me, who thought I would lose here, you can stop talking now. I am a living legend.’

He was asked if he was now on the same level as ‘Ali, Jordan and Pele’, before someone enquired as to whether he had superseded Bob Marley as ‘the greatest Jamaican in history’.

‘Ali was the greatest in his sport, Jordan the greatest in his, and I am the greatest in mine, so I guess I am at that level,’ he said. ‘I am in the same category as Michael Johnson too. Bob Marley? I’m just carrying on his duty. We have the same goal, to make Jamaica a country that is loved around the world.’

The questions became more bizarre, more risqué. He was asked about the Swedish athletes he photographed in his room after the 100m final — a picture he posted on Twitter — and then about what kind of woman could live with a ‘living legend’.

Bolt makes his trade mark stretched hand gesture

‘I used to have a type but I don’t have a type any more,’ he said. ‘It’s all about falling in love. There, I said it.’

But there was a moment of embarrassment for a journalist when he referred to ‘the Jamaican drug team’ before correcting himself and asking if the ‘Jamaican track team are drug free’.

‘Drug free?’ responded Bolt. ‘Without a doubt. We work hard. We work every day. We get injured. When people doubt us it’s really hard but we try to show the world we run clean.

‘Tonight was what I wanted and I got it. I’m very proud of myself. I had a rough season but I came out here and I did what I had to do. It was possible that I could have broken the world record but I guess I wasn’t fit enough. I was fast but I wasn’t fit enough.

‘I came off the corner and I could feel the strain on my back a little so I was trying to keep form. But I stopped running because I knew I wasn’t going to break the world record.’

Bolt led two fellow Jamaicans — Warren Weir took the bronze — to victory in a stunning one-two-three. ‘We’ve been working hard all season,’ he said. ‘We pushed ourselves, we pushed each other and we are happy.’

Blake, who beat Bolt over both distances in the Jamaican trials, said: ‘Usain is the god of track and field at the moment.’

Bolt added: ‘I told Yohan two years ago that it is not his time. It is my time. He will have to wait.’

Then Bolt addressed his audience. ‘I have one more thing to say. I am now a living legend. Bask in my glory. If I don’t see that in the paper and on TV in all your countries I will never give an interview again. Tell everyone to follow me on Twitter.’

 Facts in figures

Bolt became first man to retain both sprint titles.
95% The fitness level Bolt claimed he was at before the start of the Olympics in London.

2 Bolt holds two of the best three 200m times ever recorded.

12 Hundreths of a second that Bolt beat Blake in both the 100 and 200m.

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