The tragic End Of Mr B…By Dare Lasisi


With Dare Lasisi, London

Nigeria is a country blessed with many stereotypes and superstitions.The story you’re about to read is not a comedy but a true-life story and the family members are still mourning the tragic loss of their loved ones who died in a tragic car crash barely three weeks ago in Nigeria.

How long shall we be blaming all the major road accidents in Nigeria on bad leadership or over-speeding of some drivers?

How many Nigerian drivers really passed the driving test before obtaining their driver’s licences? How many of them ever heard of ‘Hazard Perception’ during their driving classes and highway codes training? Let me go straight to my story and stop beating about the bush.

This is not Chief ABC or Madam XYZ stories. It is really a pathetic story that would bring tears to your eyes even if your heart is made of Olumo rock in Abeokuta. Let me quickly kick-start my story now:

Mr B(not his real name) was a banker in one of the Nigerian banks,very hardworking and friendly personality. Mr B was as humble as anything.Mr B died tragically three weeks ago in a auto crash along Lagos-Sagamu road with his second wife, his daughter while his other two children(a boy and a girl) that survived the crash are now with broken legs and severe injuries.

Let me save your precious time and tell you how the first marriage of Mr B momentarily crashed.He married a fellow banker,they both lived together for seven and half years. No pregnancy,no nothing. They tried many known and unknown means to have their own children,all methods proved abortive.I don’t need to mention all the applied methods here.

At the end of the day, Mr B’s first wife(let us call her Salewa)suggested to Mr B that she was ready to ‘move forward’ in life by trying her luck elsewhere with another man.It was like a strange story in the ears of Mr B because a marriage is expected to be ‘for better,for worse’. Mr B noticed that Salewa’s always complained of miscarriages during their stay together.From Mr B’s perspective,no man can really understand a woman(in particular his first wife, Salewa) in totality. You may sleep with a woman from morning till mid-night.Only the woman would determine pregnancy.You as a man is just a ‘labourer’ or full-time ‘night-duty’ worker.

She may terminate the pregnancy by several means and blamed ‘miscarriages’ or unseen forces.
Marriage is a like buying any product in a black market.Nobody is really sure if the products are fake or original.So many people are still hanging around with wrong partners today because of the fear of divorce and societal influences.Life is complex and more spiritual than physical.We have many unseen forces controlling this world.

There is always a limitation to human endurance in this life.They would always be the final breaking-point after so much stress,endurance and hardship in life.Let me get straight to my story today..

At last,Mr B mutually agreed to Salewa’s request and gave her freedom to re-marry. They separated on good terms and as good friends.But within six months of their separation,Salewa re-married and like a miracle was pregnant for the new man(let us call him Mr Oladele) and they are now blessed with two children as of today.

Mr B also must moved forward as a man,after family pressure,he re-married to a businesswoman(Folasade)from Osogbo in Osun state and started his new life with a new partner.It was a low-key wedding ceremony in Osogbo but sadly Mr B man died three weeks ago in an auto crash along Lagos-Sagamu expressway with his new wife,Folasade and his son.

The surviving son and daughter are now with broken legs in a private hospital in Lagos. They were both informed that their mother,father and brother have been flown to America for urgent medical treatment.They are yet to be told about their tragic transition as this would affect their recovery and their psychology.

According to the eye-witness,Mr B’s Hilux jeep was trying to avoid pot-holes on the busy express road and in the process he over-took a trailer moving in the same direction with his car. The trailer crushed Mr B’s vehicle beyond recognition and the trailer’s driver did not stop to rescue them after the accident. He escaped by speeding through the highway. Mr B was and others were later rushed to the hospital by the members of the federal road safety team and other concerned Nigerians.

Unfortunately,Mr B,Folasade(not her real name!) and their daughter passed away the following day at the hospital as doctors struggled to save their lives. They all sustained horrific injuries and death was so imminent as their lives were just hanging by a thin thread. They were all buried same day according to Islamic rites.  They left behind aged parents and a boy and a girl(both children are under 14 years!). We cannot imagine all the dreams shattered in cold blood due to road accidents in Nigeria. We cannot imagine the permanent wounds in the hearts of their beloved ones. We cannot pretend that ‘all is well’ and yet we are mourning on a weekly,if not on a daily basis due to human negligence and bad leadership.

Why do we always record high number of road accidents and crimes in Nigeria during the December period?I still can’t explain why many Nigerians wrongly blackmailed December as a terrible month?My late sweet mother was born in December and she always look forward to celebrate her birthday.

As I am about to end this story,I just heard the sad story of Kogi state governor,Captain Idris Wada who was involved in a road accident this afternoon in Lokoja,his ADC and driver died instantly before reaching the nearest hospital while doctors are currently battling to save Governor Wada’s life in Abuja government hospital. Any moment from now,Captain Wada shall be ‘cargoed’ to either Germany or United Kingdom for urgent medical treatment with taxpayers money.  Are we so poor(or stupid?) in Nigeria not to have a world-class hospital or cancer-research institute? Why spending so much money in foreign hospitals?

We have several Nigerian doctors,pharmacists and other professionals excelling in foreign lands instead of their country of birth. When will our leaders and internal colonialists open eyes,ears and brains to progress and visible development in most countries of this world?

Don’t they visit foreign countries for their holiday or medical treatment for a minor ailment as ridiculous as stomach ache?Don’t they have children in many of these expensive schools of this world?If not now,then when?Tell me.

As ordinary Nigerians, it is not safe to fly in the air,our major roads are riddled with pot-holes and no safety measures on ground in case of any sea travel accidents. When will our government wake up to smell coffee of positive changes? When will they stop looting and start to invest in basic needs of ordinary citizens? We are not asking too much as Nigerians. We don’t need to pray to God before enjoying basic amenities as human beings from our elected leaders. We don’t need to engage in fasting and prayer to enjoy as Nigerian citizens. We,as Nigerians did not elect God to be either our president,governors,council bosses or lawmakers.We all voted for human beings not unseen God!