The world is changing with a new Arab engineered world order… stay with for streamed updates


As the dust settles on the streets of Egypt in what is now in history books as Egypt revolution of 2011, the desire for change is spreading across the Arab world and the region. The people of the Arab world say they are angered by unemployment, rampant corruption social injustices and totalitarian system of government.

Some governments are pacifying the citizens, suddenly waking up to promise better condition of life and trying to buy their way out of trouble with promises of reform and wage rises.

It is a turn around that has sold the leaders, many of whom have been in government for over 30 years as hypocrites and wicked dictators. Keep in touch as reports are streamed from across the Arab world as the wind of change which has placed the entire world in a dilemma regarding the definition of the new world order.

We will continue to give you all updates especially as many African dictators adjust their seat of power getting more nervous by the day.

Stay with the right information source, mostly streamed  from the mother of all Arab news stations, Al Jazeera News.