Tough time awaits fake drug importers as NAFDAC boss promises tougher measures on punishment

NAFDAC Boss Dr Orhi

A conspiracy by unpatriotic Nigerians flooding the country with fake drugs has been uncovered with many top Nigerians making pacts with China and India manufacturers.

Many Nigerian businessmen are so desperate that they damn the consequence of the fake drugs and their  impacts  on innocent users because of love for money.

The Director-General of National Agency for Food and Drugs Administration and Control (NAFDAC, Dr Paul Orhi  has affirmed that most of the fake drugs and medicines in Nigeria were illegally imported from China and India by fraudulent Nigerian business men.

Dr Orhi was speaking during the Ben TV roundtable conference on democracy in Nigeria.

According to him,  fake drugs are abound all over the country because of  efforts by disgruntled Nigerians conspiring with outsiders to flood the nation with fake drugs .

He claimed his organisation has worked hard to bring the menace under control.

He claimed NAFDAC  has been  working day and night to stop all  illegal importations of counterfeit medicines into the country.

However, as the systems are always there to be beaten by many economic saboteurs who still sneak in with the drugs to the Nigerian market, there are systems in place to discover and confiscate them with the offenders arrested and lined for prosecution.

Dr Orhi said he had visited those countries to verify his claim adding that  in those countries, manufacturing or distributing fake drugs always attract capital punishment of either life imprisonment or death sentence.

“Some unpatriotic Nigerian business men and women would travel as far as China or India to meet manufacturers to produce sub-standard and fake products for fellow Nigerians. I visited those countries to verify some claims myself.But in those countries, manufacturing or distributing fake drugs always carry the punishment of either life imprisonment or death sentence” Dr. Paul Orhi stated.

According to him, NAFDAC has acquired modern technology and equipment, among them  Truscan to verify the authenticity and validity of any manufactured products for public consumption.

The Director-General further expressed that NAFDAC officials have the capacity to view any NAFDAC-regulated containers  at the ports in order to see if they meet the expected requirements, especially if the containers are wrongly labelled  in order to hide away  the true contents.

Dr Orhi warned that tough times are awaiting many fake drug importers and their agents abroad as cases of conspiracy are always been leveled against  outside agents.

NAFDAC was  established by Decree No. 15 of 1993 as amended is a Parastatal of the Federal Ministry of Health, with the mandate to regulate and control quality standards for Foods, Drugs, Cosmetics, Medical Devices, Chemicals, Detergents and packaged water imported, manufactured locally and distributed in Nigeria.

By Dare Lasisi