TOURISM- Nigeria’s hidden treasures?

Obudu Mountain Resort - Nigerian's hidden tourist destination
Obudu Mountain Resort - Nigerian's hidden tourist destination

The story of Nigerian tourism is a story of undiscovered treasures. Millions across the globe are recently waking up to the reality that Nigeria tourism will soon come of age.

The story of Nigerian tourism is a story of undiscovered treasures. Millions across the globe are recently waking up to the reality that Nigeria tourism will soon come of age.

As many across the world scavenges for best holiday resort to get the best value for their hard earned money especially in the wake of the current world economic downturn, Nigeria is gradually creeping to be on the focus of best holiday resort.

There is no doubting the fact that, Nigeria is a country well endowed. Quality infrastructures, government influenced transportation structure, excellent social facilities as put together by sophisticated business experts who would not settle for second best in all their business adventures.

Yes Nigeria is definitely emerging as a world major business and tourism centres. Many features that make Nigeria a major world attraction had been swept under the carpet for long due to circumstances beyond immediate contemplation, the reality is currently coming to focus that Nigeria will be a world leader on the field of tourism in the 21st century, emerging from the doldrums to take a prominent place on the world stage of world investment and tourism.

Modern infrastructures, fantastic humane services and superbly restructured old landmarks are some of the reasons why the world must focus on Nigeria for result oriented holiday adventures.

In recent times, technology has put Nigeria in her right perspective of world class events. Movies from the heartland of the African continent are sweeping across the world. Nigeria is well blessed with distinctively colourful lifestyle and culturally endowed.

Nigeria unarguably is a world class tourism centre point. A cultural centrepiece that stands tall among hundreds of world committee of star heritages. No wonder then that a television host recently got a shock of her life during a breakfast show when an Indian called and claimed since discovering the Nigerian station, he had instructed his family never to change the family television from the Black station because he had been overwhelmed by Nigeria’s cultural lifestyle and unequalled values as demonstrated by the people. Amazing isn’t it?

The sweetness of the stew is in the smell and the eventual licking. The activities of the current government have been very positive creating the right atmosphere for business transaction in Nigeria. It’s been a very long sojourn in the wilderness but at last Nigeria has found its right feet on the ladder of technological breakthrough and the consequential creeping to the best 20 developed country in the world is being planned by the current government.

What a time to get engaged with Nigeria in business and build a confidence in making Nigeria your first choice of business investment. The past is gone and the future starts today. Nigeria is the economic future of many great countries of the world as the opportunity opens for this century’s African front liner to rub shoulders with the best in the world of business.

In the word of Honourable Abike Dabiri, a campaigner for the development of tourism in Nigeria during an interview in her recent visit to London: ‘We are leaving no stone unturned in creating the best atmosphere for tourism in Nigeria. We have woken up from the slumber and things are being put in the right place to make Nigeria the best tourist attraction and major business centre in the world’.

Can Nigeria do it? Yes she can!
Old images of Africa are fast disappearing as emerging black Television stations are now putting right those wrongs images that had been attached to Africa. The Africa TV effect   has recently generated a new change of approach in many western media.

New emerging images of Africa has left many media organisations  portraying Africa in good light and engaging in the exhumation of positive information about Africa which had previously been buried under the earth for long.

Many in the past has linked negative information about African continent to conspiracy and calculated deliberate suppression to dispirit the wish power of the continent. With the new found positive approach to her image, African destinations as tourism spots may receive big boost especially those long ignored West coast of Africa which pride itself as the best tourism attraction areas of Africa.

It is in this light that Nigeria tourism may be receiving the best accolade from all over the world as world best holiday destinations.