Tragedy: Hungry dogs eat owner as he arrived from two weeks holiday


The dismembered parts of a dog owner in Indonisia was discovered just briefly as his dogs use him as alternative menu on arrival from a two week holiday.

The man’s body was discovered by a guard in the neighbourhood Monday, days after the man, Andre Lumboga, got home from a a two week holiday and reported the tragedy to the police..

The  Indonesian man showed his care by attending to the dogs just as he arrived from his two week holiday preparing their food. The impatient dogs, apparently overheated by hunger ponced on him and tore him into pieces eating him to thr bone.

Local police said, “His skull was found in the kitchen, and his body was found in the front of his house.”

Police suspected that Lumboga’s dogs ate him after starving for two weeks.

“We suspect that the dogs were hungry, so they attacked Andre, because they had not been fed for 14 days,” said the police.

“The dogs were never let out,” Dio, a neighbour of Lumboga, said, “Because they were confined to the house, they couldn’t find food.”

According to reports, Lumboga, a 50-year-old, left home to Manado on Sulawesi Island for a holiday in mid-August and returned home on August 30, the day he was believed to have been attacked by his dogs.

The gruesome death took place on Batam island, which is part of the Riau Islands, in western Indonesia. The victim, identified as Andre Lumboga, owned nine dogs and left them alone with no food when he went on a 14-day vacation.

The House where the was was munched by dogs

During Andre’s holiday, seven of the starving dogs attacked the two other dogs and ate them. When Andre, 60, finally returned home after two weeks, the remaining seven dogs attacked him too and ate him.

According to Indonesia’s VIVANews, the dogs decapitated Andre and ate all his flesh, leaving only a skeleton behind when police officers arrived at the scene. The dogs also attacked responding police officers, VIVANews reported. “Because the dogs continued to attack, we had to paralyze them,” a police official was quoted as saying.

Starved dogs eat their owner by Zoomin_UK