Underground Transport for Lagos! Oh I have a dream, Nigeria needs young and vibrant leader

Transport for Lagos
Transport for Lagos

The world passes by while Nigeria continues to trail as an underdog, completely relegated as a non visionary giant in the committee of nations.

Long ago, our leaders were suppose to have dreamt a state of the arts transportation system for the country, just as depicted in this fantastic work of arts as suggested to Governor Fashola by comedian and artist Obonjo.

We hope that governor Fashola would have this idea in his record to incorporate in the Lagos Megacity plan.

We believe Fashola can do it as he has passed the rating tests as the governor of the people ever to think for and of the people of Lagos state.

You see why our country needs a youthful leadership and not recycled old spent-force who continue to mislead our nation and stashing away her resources even fifty years after her independence?

We need vibrant and youthful leaders, who can think as  21st century rulers, not money moguls who create a little mega-world around themselves at the expense of our nation and her good people.

We need ideas (like this imaginary Transport for Lagos artwork) whereby Nigeria can line up with modern age and development.

We commend Fashola for his good work in Lagos and hope he can set a new pace for Nigeria as the first leader to embark on Underground/ over-ground transport rail network project.

Can Fashola once again shame those vultures who continue to draw back our nation by stashing her resources abroad where it is used to better the lots of those nations?

Wouldn’t this sort of project make us all proud as a nation?

Think Nigerians, think. Dont think for today, think for posterity and choose a young leader like Obama, Cameron, Sarkozy, Putin etc. WE have many of them in the country.

I have a dream….

An EMNnews.com  Nigeria leadership campaign