Troubled Japan hit by new earthquake with 3 casualty reported


Psunami effects.
At least three people are reportedly dead as Japan, currently counting her losses after it was hit by a large magnitude earthquake which triggered deadly tsunami that devastated the country killing thousands about a month ago.

As the nation was hit again on Thursday, a new tsunami warning was sounded following the earthquake which was measuring 7.1 on the Richter scale, and fears quickly spread that it may cause a tsunami.

The epicentre of the earthquake was 40km off the north-east shore of Japan and happened at 2332 local time (1432 GMT).
The earthquake occurred just 118km north of Fukushima where workers are still working on the nuclear power plant that was severely damaged by the quake and tsunami that struck Japan at the beginning of March.

Fearing that the earthquake might cause another tsunami Japanese officials ordered the immediate area to be evacuated and the nuclear power plant workers took shelter to ensure their safety.

New Earthquake
A news conference in Tokyo held by Tepco, the operators of the nuclear power plant, confirmed that all seven workers who had been working at the Fukushima plant were safe and well.

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The damage caused by the earthquake in March to the plant had caused the cooling system to stop working which meant that nuclear rods could overheat and explode releasing radioactive material.

Workers have been working on the power plant ever since the March earthquake trying to keep the reactors cool and rectify all the other damage.They were all evacuated from two nuclear plants yesterday as Japan was rattled by the strong aftershock and tsunami warning.

It came nearly a month after the huge earthquake and tsunami that devastated the country’s north-east coast and is thought to have killed 25,000 people.