Truthfulness, Hypocrisy and some realities about todays Nigeria… thanks a lot Wikileaks


Wikileaks: 'Justice in your hands'.

Nigeria has emerged as the biggest  beneficiary of the online Cable  ‘Big Brother’ Wikileaks no-more-hold-up of truth stance  with the current revelations on the Network  likely to reshape the  conscience of  our leaders an the only available checks and balances. Nigeria’s Wikileak adventure may kicks off the elusive era of accountability, probity  and the brightening up of the future of our great nation and her politics.

Unless there is a complete moral bankruptcy and total degeneration of mental consciousness on the side of  many of the nations leaders today,  Wikileaks’ revelations may have gone a long way in sentencing many of our current leaders into divine psychological judgement, imprisonment and deserved  political demise.

Revelations have detailed how the nation’s destiny was being controlled by powerful individuals who were bidding to win elections and assume power… there are revelations about our much respected EFCC, the anti graft Agency being manipulated by powerful individuals with the agency only serving as mere hypocritical  cosmetic establishment even  more corrupt than those it is bringing to books.

America’s former Ambassador to Nigeria, Robin Sanders attested to a statement made by Hon Dimeji Bankole, describing EFCC as not even worth a penny.

As a nation well endowed and so naturally blessed, corruption and high level disrespect to the nations rule of law  for several years have sent Nigeria to spiritual, moral and social obscurity.

However, with the current expose not being treated as the same way the nation recently witnessed  the ex convict Olabode George who was treated after an unenviable sojourn in Nigeria’s most dreaded Kirikiri prison( to a carnival-like  celebration),  we can rightly say that, a natural and divine justice has come upon all our nation destroyers; some of whom from now should be tendering their resignation letters from their respective post and  bow out with dignity, heads bowed and their eyes covered in their both palms in shame.

Many of them sooner than later need to answer certain questions and should volunteer  before being picked up by the nations security services to face the long harm of the law.

Already, there have been revelations that the just completed voters register has been conterminated with highly placed politicians with multiple names registration.


We have been treated to a cocktail of injustices, and human manipulation and immoral bedding of our nation’s destiny into submission.

Read on, Courtesy of 234NEXTon line and NEXT Newspapers.


Lead Image has the full Wikileaks cables on Nigeria

Worldwide Exclusive: The Complete Wikileaks Cables on Nigeria

Nigeria’s NEXT newspaper and online reporting organisation is the only organization in Nigeria with the full wikileaks cable on Nigeria. This is the timeline of the worldwide exclusive revelations

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March 7, 2011


‘Supreme Court judges took bribes to validate Yar’Adua/Jonathan election’

According to the cables, filed to Washington by then US ambassador to Abuja, Robin Sanders, the source of this information was none other than the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Dimeji Bankole. Click here to read the complete story.

EFCC not worth a penny, says Bankole

According to the ambassador, Mr. Bankole’s disregard for Mrs. Waziri was apparent and his judgment of the Waziri-led EFCC was harsh. “Noting that he did not think the EFCC was worth ‘one penny’ and that he had no confidence in it or Mrs. Waziri’s leadership or her integrity, the Speaker added that he did not believe the EFCC could be an effective institution under her leadership,” the report said. See details here

Selling justice to the highest bidder

Diplomatic cables obtained by NEXT indicate that the accusation against Mr. Uwais may have emanated from Salihu Belgore, who succeeded Mr. Uwais in office.

“Curiously, after the stormy court session, Justice Belgore, a strong contender to be the next CJN after Uwais, reportedly handed over money to two journalists that covered the court sitting. Belgore is believed to be the sponsor of the negative campaign against the justices. Other observers suggest that Belgore may simply want Uwais’ job as Chief Justice,” the cable said. For details click here


Wikileaks CABLE: ‘Supreme Court Bribe’

On top of this, there seemed to be a never-ending attempt to use the EFCC and Mrs. Waziri’s personal views as a way to cloud other productive things in the bilateral relationship. Full reports here


March 6, 2011

Wikileaks: ‘Time to open the secrets’

‘Jonathan voted four times in 2007’

According to Mr. Oshiomhole, as reported in the US diplomatic cables, the court ruling voiding the supposed election of the ruling People’s Democratic Party (PDP) candidate for Edo governor and declaring Mr. Oshiomhole the legitimate winner would not have been possible without documentary evidence that, Mr. Jonathan, among others, personally rigged the election. Click here for details

Wikileaks CABLE: ‘Jonathan voted four times in 2007’

Governor Adams Oshiomhole said that his greatest challenge is not passing the right laws or creating institutions but filling posts with competent and honest people. Click here for reports

The Ugly truth

“We even caught some high profile double registrants, and we will start with them in the area of prosecution,” Mr. Jega said.

Although the INEC boss refused to mention the high profile Nigerians involved in the double registration, what is not in doubt is that some politicians may be getting ready to manipulate the forthcoming elections. Click to see story