Uche Okafor FBI preliminary report: "He was murdered"


LONDON: 1/2/2011

The American Federal Bureau of Investigation has come out in its fir hand report on the death of Ex Nigerian International Football Star, Uche Okafor, claiming that the American based Football star was murdered.

The yet to be concluded outcome has vindicated family suspicion in the aftermath of his death that he was not the sort of personality that would have committed murder.

Uche Okafor

However, the corpse still under observation and further investigation  is being dilated  for more tests results  to ascertain the real cause and manner of death.

The results of the  medical examinations and more to come after the completion of the investigation will now set Nigerian government thinking as to what levelled of involvement to uravel the real culprit of the murder. The Nigeria government through the Nigeria High Commission has been implored to engage private investigators alongside  the American FBI so that the nation would be armed with more facts in dealing with the case.

The Police in Dallas, United States of America are now searching for more evidence to bring their investigation  to a conclusive end.

“Medical Examiner’s report already given to us completely ruled out a suicide case,” informed the late footballer’s cousin, Ugochukwu Nwaokolo speaking from his USA base.

“Right now, suicide has been ruled out but the Police are still investigating to get to the root as regards the cause and manner of his death,” Nwaokolo added.

“This is victory number one for us because from the time this incident happened, we were convinced that our own Uche Okafor could not have and indeed did not kill himself”, he explained.

Nwaokolo hinted that the remains of the former Super Eagles defender would be laid to rest on February 17.

“You are aware that there is going to be a wake keep here in Little Elms, Texas, Dallas on February 4 in his honour.

“Then after that, we will decide on the date his corpse will be flown home to Nigeria.

“But what is very certain at this point is that he will be buried on February 17, in his home town, Ubomiri in Mbaitoli Local Government Area of Imo State,” Nwaokolo explained.

Pix: All Africa.com