Ugandan Toddler Attempted Murder: House Girl To Face Murder Charge


Kamanzi-baby-tortured-by-maid-in-UgandaThis is the face of the beautiful two year old toddler that nearly lost her life in the hand of a brutal House maid, who knocked her to the floor several times and kicked her head  to the frame of  a wood chair in an attempted effort to take her life.

The incident happened last week in Kampala, Uganda, as the brutality was secretly filmed after suspicion by the two year old family.

Police in Uganda have said that 22 year old abuser will face murder charge.

Heroine baby, Erick Kamanzi demonstrated her bravery by living beyond her attempted murder when she survived her onslaught having been knocked on the floor, pushed to hit a wooden chair and pressed down on the floor with the house maid standing on her spinal cord and unleashing her weight to get her suffocated.

She had been forced to eat a hot meal while the house maid as she attempted to eat a meal meant for the two year old  mouth-blew the meal, showing obviously that the meal meant for the two year old was extremely hot.
She had been given further resuscitation after  reuniting with her family.

Police in Uganda have confirmed that the baby’s attempted murderer, Jolly Tumuhirwe (22), the maid

Patrick Onyango, who is the Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesman, said the maid was charged at the Nakawa Magistrates Court on the 20th of November after the completion of police investigations. She was remanded to Luzira Prison.

“She will appear in court again on December 8th, 2014. She was charged under the Anti-torture Act, Sec. 3 but we are planning to amend the charge to attempted murder,” Onyango said.

However, Nehanda Radio, which  followed up the incident with full investigation has established that the shocking video, which has stunned millions across the World  was filmed 5 months ago by the family.

The father of the child Erick Kamanzi, who works for a reputable NGO in Kampala, secretly installed a camera in the house to see what happens in his absence. What he saw after the days work was beyond his imagination.

Erick KamanziTumuhirwe, the housemaid in Naalya in Kiwatule suburb, also battered the baby with a hard object which looked like a stirring-stick, applying the object on her face and bottom violently and repeatedly as the subdued baby fought back her tears to avoid further battering. As the pressure of a continued  slap on the forehead made the toddler instantly indisposed, she began to throw-off  vomiting. The video showed the maid  heartlessly pushing her and knocking her on the floor  of the living room.

She then beats her with a hard object before standing on the baby’s back several times as the toddler groaned in pain on the floor.

Police said the motive of the assault had not yet been established but added that Tumuhirwe had worked for the couple’s home for only 26 days. The parents said the baby had been discharged from hospital and was improving.

“We took her to the hospital for medical check-up and she is current recovering.  We will be returning to the hospital next week,” the girl’s mother only identified as Angela told the Radio station by telephone.

Although it was earlier reported that the father had released the video, there are now conflicting reports suggesting that it was actually a close friend of the family who leaked the video on social media recently.

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