UK Immigration deports 52 Nigerians back home amid high security guard


UK Border Agancy
Fifty-two Nigerians are set to be deported by the United Kingdom Border Agencies back to Nigeria in another swift action to rid UK of illegal immigrants.

Sources close to the Nigeria High Commission in London hinted News Agency of Nigeria that the victims are being deported as a result of one offence or the other.

Mr Mohammed Isa, the Head of the Immigration Section in the Nigerian High Commission in the UK, speaking with the News Agency of Nigeria, NAN, said that the would-be deportees would arrive at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport in a chartered flight.

The victims are mostly those who had recently completed their prison sentences terms as a result of one criminal offence or the other, failed-asylum seekers and those who overstayed their authorised permit.

Mohammed further also said that the deportees were to be accompanied by British law enforcement agents and two Nigerian officials on board the flight as a result of ways to guarantee and to ensure the safety of the victims back to the country.

“This is the first time a chartered flight conveying Nigerian deportees would be accompanied by Nigerian officials,” Isa said.

He added: “Though, it is also in line with the global best practices, it is our responsibility to ensure that the deportees are treated in the most humane and dignified manner.”

He pointed out that the mission had never recorded any `ugly incidents’ on the UK route since the exercise began following the conclusion in 2005, of a Memorandum of
Understanding(MOU) on migration returns between the two countries.

The British coalition government had made several concerted efforts aimed at stamping immigration abuses and among the new law is the capping of numbers of intending visitors to the United Kingdom and the lowering of student immigration privileges which will see potential student’s coming the the United Kingdom for studies cut drastically.


  1. nigeria govt should also apply the same system orther countries of the world are using to deport nigerira national from their country including the uk citizens who are also in nigeria for a long time without clear documents .orther countries includes vietnamese ,chinese,all european countries all this countries dont have the interest of nigeria citizen at heart even the so called uk that colonize us with fake mouth ,they are the people that are responsible for nigeria woes ,those so called white are nonsense set of humanbeing they are terribly wicked .let nigeria govt join hand with our own immigration and flushout those useless and nonprofitable citizens of orther countrys that are in nigeria most of them are causing a big havoc in nigeria even some orther african country national many of them hate to see us the are sabotoures .they enjoy every thing in nigeria but if we are in their own country they dont want to use their God given eye to see us ,even those that are sentencing nigeria national to life inprisonment ,sentencing our nationals to death for non just course let nigeria start to do the same to orther national that are in nigeria ,our national all over the world are suffering no matter how righteous you try to be you are already a victim so far you a nigeria no body like to see you. i know by GODs own grace nigeria return to its formal glory then to come to nigeria for orther countries will be like going to AMERICA,UK OR EUROPE no more things of the old

  2. I agree with u my brother, the way and manner we are treated abroad it not what we do to the foreigners in our country and i do not see why my government can not see this, look we are not the worst people on earth after all they were the first to do everything today that we are picking from, then it is very pain ful to them to see that we are picking life from where they drop it. Look at what the Nigerian High Commission in London did by at least making them respect our citizen even as you are asking them to leave, that is very good but as they ask us to leave so also our government should also ask them to leave, if your paper (visa) is expire, then also they should go back also. it is teeth for tat, even the Bible says do unto others what you want them to do unto u. If they fill that we can not extend our stay in their country, then let their own stay too be not allowed extension. As for those country that has got the guts to sentence our citizen to life and death, like this very issue in Vietnam, i still say if that boy there is allow to die, then the entire vietnam citizen must face same cause in our country please Mr. President Elect don’t sleep on this issue and i believe when this is done, it will enable other countries to respect our Nigerian also. Come to talk on the issue with our high commission in oversea, some of them are the very reasons why the country and citizens never respect us, when a father sell his own son, then the buy will have every right to useless that son sold by his father. Our High commissioner are the course of the reason why most Nigerian suffers abroad. Example the Nigerian Embassy in India, those guys there are just there to enrich their pocket, they are the ones that tells the police how to humiliate their own country children, they just sit there to have Indian girl friends and involve in dirty works, an Embassy that keeps their own citizens out side and allow Indians free movement in and out without even a checking. Please Sir President Try to Look into this issue and change everybody that is there for his own selfish reasons, they are suppose to be the guide and government of Nigerian there not traitors becos they want recommendation from the government of that country.
    thank you.

  3. i feel very bad,,see i think this 52 people they can cooperate and start kill any foreigner in Nigeria ,,because our Government are very kind ,,,they won’t do any thing to this ,,,we need fight for our self,,,just to start and kill and deal with any body from European ,,major UK ,,,,