Unusual rain in Abuja as Jonathan says a new dawn on nation's political evolution has arrived


Jonathan, turning out for voting Saturday afternoon.

It has been reported that an unusual rain has been dropping in Abuja with ice falling.

Optimists have adduced the rainfall to Goodluck Jonathan’s claim of a new era dawning on Nigeria.

An observer said the rain was unusual with lots of hale-stones dropping in a day many across the world look forward to a more credible and solid foundation for a terribly deprived country.

However,Goodluck Jonathan voting on Saturday afternoon commended the efforts of Nigerians in consolidating the nation’s democracy through thronging out in millions to cast their votes to choose a new president.

“The foundation on which Demecracy is built is on the power of ballot papers. If true ballot is missing then what remains is could be a pseudo or false democracy”, the president said as he was swamped by a sea of national and International journalists in the local polling booth just as he cast his vote.

He commended what he described as an high degree of interest that Nigerians have shown in 2011 elections. describing that a new political era has dawned on the nation.

Jonathan responded to questions just briefly after casting his votes in his local government in Bayelsa State.

He praised the passion of Nigerians and the special interest they have displayed in the election claiming democracy in Nigeria has evolved and that true democracy is built on the ballot cast by the people, and the ballot creates a true solid foundation

He expreesed happiniess that the present exercise demonstrates that Nigeria is consolidating her democracy through mass participation of the citizens.

He described the current political development as a new dawn in the nation’s political evolution.

The president said without individual ballot paper being cast in votes to represent people’s voice, there is no democracy. President Jonathan earlier in the day had said that he would resign without hesitation if he lost in Saturday polls, but said he was sure of victory.