" We are all winners" Jonathan pacifies Buhari, Bakare and says we are all partners in progress and others


    Goodluck Jonathan Speaks to the nation


    Thank you Nigeria. We did it! I knew we could but seeing it come to fruition. The victory brings back the pleasant memory I had as a child listening on the radio as the Union Jack was lowered and the Green and White Flag raised on October 1st, 1960, our Independence Day.


    My dear brothers and sisters, today it is independence day for Nigeria yet again. Together we have said yes to one Nigeria.

    Together we have agreed to be our brother’s keeper. Together we have spoken with one voice to say no to dichotomy. Together we have chosen a rebirth and as a Nigerian musical Icon once said Together we shall win forever!

    Goodluck and Sambo

    I have however received with great sadness the news of sporadic unrest in some parts of the country which are not unconnected with last Saturday’s elections.


    I appeal to those involved to stop this unnecessary and avoidable conduct, more so at this point in time when a lot of sacrifice has been made by all the citizens of this great country in ensuring the conduct of free and fair elections.

    It is with the deepest sense of responsibility that I call on all our political leaders especially the contestants to appeal to their supporters to stop further violence in the interest of stability, peace and well being of this great country.

    As I said during the campaigns and now say again, I have no enemies to fight. Even at this hour, one of the finest hours of Nigeria, I want to pay tribute to Major Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (Rtd), a man I consider as a patriot per excellence and a man who I respect and never looked at as an opponent or a rival but as a partner in progress.

    To Major Gen. Buhari (Rtd) and all his supporters, I open up my arms wide in embrace and remind them that “this generation of Nigerians and indeed future generations have no other country than Nigeria. We shall remain here and salvage it TOGETHER”.

    I also salute Malam Nuhu Ribadu and recognize him today as a child of independence who has justified the act of independence and has proved by his gallant conduct as a Presidential candidate that the youth of Nigeria “have come of age”.

    I am not surprised at Malam Ribadu’s ability to inspire the youth. In fact, I desired his invigorating presence for Nigeria which was why I used every power at my disposal as President of Nigeria to bring equity to him causing him to feel secure enough to return to the land he loves so much and make him know that I, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, and the Nigeria nation appreciates him.

    I look forward to a future of synergistic collaboration between the two of us.

    I also salute Malam Ibrahim Shekarau and all those who participated with me in this process.

    As General Yakubu Gowon once said, in a contest amongst brothers “there is no victor nor vanquished”. We are all Nigerians and today all Nigerians are winners because we now know that North, South, East or West, Nigeria is best! GEJ

    Goodluck Jonathan on Pace for Victory in Nigerian Election

    Flashback: http://goodluckebelejonathanfornigeria.com/

    Born Lucky to make our Country great once again

    Dr. Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan is undoubtedly a big beckon of hope for Nigeria and in-fact a new positive symbol in the data of Nigerian political history. His motto has always been: “ Not for me but for the good of us all and our nation”. He has emerged as a shining light bringing positive change, hope, confidence, accountability, transparency probity, and consistency into the Nigerian political arena and this is the reason why many forces of darkness are once again struggling to dampen the light- and with all Nigerians staying positive, we shall overcome.

    With the ruling Party PDP having broken the confidence and trust reposed in them by the generality of Nigerians, and with many politician playing with the future of our country through politics of personal pockets and family fortunes, Goodluck Jonathan remains the only hook of positive change and the genuine passionate nationalist of our time, currently waiting to turn around the fortunes of PDP for the better, should the party be made to return to power come election 2011. He can do it! He has demonstrated to the world his quality as an astute leader; having shown that he is a leader and not a ruler. Goodluck Jonathan has demonstrated his ability as a very strong leader who always hold his own in the face of the most annoying provocations. This has been demonstrated several times through actions of those who want to frustrate him out of power through tribal manipulations vicious verbal attacks and callous canny power play. He has remained resolute, confident and well focused ever since taking over from departed soul mate ex- president Umaru Musa Yar’Adua. Even as party opponents destroy his character calling him various names because he expressed his opinion, Goodluck has remained calm, cool and unruffled.

    With party opponents threatening to make the nation ungovernable for him because of his geographical placing in the country, he has remained focused and unyielding. He has demonstrated many qualities that are yet to be seen in the annals of Nigeria’s political leadership both under military or civilian. He has been perceived as a history making leader who communicates to the nation on daily basis through his new find forum, FACEBOOK, a land mark achievement yet to be equalled by any previous leaders in the country and even anywhere in the world. President Jonathan, evern since assuming office continues to touch on the life of the citizens. In his Facebook walls, he has expressed his solidarity to tragically affected citizens demonstrating himself as a passionate leader. Jonathan on several occasions has commiserated with flood victims in Sokoto, Kebbi, Lagos and Ogun states. He paid personal visits to those communities who were struck and seriously affected by the flood.

    He has shown passion about the need for all Nigerians to unite in action in order to bring back the unity of the nation with avowed will to bring back her dignity within the committee of nation, . Nigeria has got a leader. Goodluck Jonathan needs the mandate of the people and at this testing hour, he has always said that our destiny is in our hands. As a robust and selfless politician who does not see political office as a do or die affair, Jonathan recently publicly congratulated political opponents who overturned his party’s fortunes in Ekiti state where his party’s candidate opponent was deposed. As a modern leader who follows events on day to day basis and who keeps in touch on all issues be it for the youths and the olds alike, Jonathan recently congratulated a Nigerian who won the Big Brother African version contest, and indication of his good level of social awareness and ability to stay in touch with all segment of the Nigeria populace Nigeria needs a leader and not a ruler. Goodluck Jonathan would make a difference if allowed the consistency of carrying Nigeria along as a true patriot and nationalist.

    Hear Jonathan in his acceptance speech picking a ticket as PDP’s presidential candidate:” My dear good people of Nigeria, I got here today by the power of God and the support of all Nigerians; all ethnic groups, North, South, East and West. I am here today because of your support and prayers. I want all of you to know that I am one of you and I will never let you down! I want you to know that I will keep hope alive; I want you to know that your time has come. I stand before you today, humbly seeking your support for me, Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan, to run for the office of the President of Nigeria with Architect Namadi Sambo as my running mate.

    We will fight for JUSTICE!
    We will fight for all Nigerians to have access to POWER!
    We will fight for qualitative and competitive EDUCATION!
    We will fight for HEALTH CARE REFORMS!
    We will fight to create jobs, for all Nigerians!
    We will fight corruption!
    We will fight to protect all Citizens!
    We will fight for your rights!


    By Fatai Ogunribido