Nigeria?! “We are better off as a unified force”, ACF claims, saying the North will survive without South

ACF Anthony Adamu

The Arewa Consultative Forum has voiced out over calls for a national Conference that may initiate Nigeria’s ethnic border divide, saying that the North is not afraid of a broken Nigeria.

A top echelon of the forum, speaking during an interview with Nigeria’s Leadership Newspaper advised that Nigeria as a nation has gone too far to initiate such move,saying if it is initiated, the North will never be afraid.

It has been suggested in certain quarters and mostly opined that the north being disadvantaged due to certain biological factors could be at survival risk.

Against this  backdrop of insinuations that the Northern region is scared, especially owing to non availability of oil in the region, the apex body on Thursday  asserted that the region was not afraid of any breakup and that its insistence against the call for Sovereign National Conference is on the premium that the agitation for the conference amounts to vote of no confidence on the country’s nascent democracy.

The ACF’s spokesman, Anthony Sani, stated: “Anybody believing that the North is afraid of breakup is just deceiving himself.

He snapped:”Afraid of what? We are not the only country that has no oil, we can survive without oil, but we believe that the inter-dependence of Nigerians, the mass size of Nigeria, has some advantages.

“If you want to divide country, along which line, is it religious line? Where would the Middle Belt go? Is it along ethnic line, are we going to have 350 countries? So, lets not even think along that line, they are just trying to divide the people”.

“In the final analyses, the North has no fear, it is not a question of fear, it is a question of our inter-dependent. We should not be considering a divorce, but should be working on how to improve.

“It is incorrect for anybody to think that the North is afraid of division; the issue is on interdependency of Nigeria having more advantage.

“Nobody should look at it as if we are afraid, are we the only country without fuel, Japan does not have oil, so many don’t have and they are surviving, are we the only country without oil? Are we going to die if they divide the country?” he queried