"We are the World": Boris Becker's family show of love is good example to human race

Lilly and Barbara at Christmas

Former Tennis Champion and Wimbledon icon, Boris Becker demonstrated his championship skill goes beyond the tennis pitch by bringing together his family members for Christmas showing the world the good example of family management.

The former tennis superstar  displayed his ingenuity in human and  crisis management bringing together his old and new family members as the Beckers got together for Christmas holiday break in United States. His display of skill raised eye brows in Miami, Florida where both family members displayed a spirit of one love.

The Becker’s old and new ‘flames’ burned endlessly together as Christmas spirit got all the family members’ lifted in one love.

His current wife Sharlely ‘Lilly’ Kerssenberg and ex spouse Barbara Feltus nattered away like old friends during the joint  festive break in Miami, Florida.

Boris and Barbara had a circumstantial separation after several years of marriage, having two sons.

The two ladies were seen dining over a champagne lunch as the tennis ace took a backseat savoring the love allowing the duo a free day to limitless  gossip; with affectionate Lilly even placing a hand on Barbara’s shoulder in a display of ‘in unity we stand’.

Lilly also seemed to wipe away a tear, or perhaps an eyelash stain, brushing her hand over Barbara’s cheek as Boris’ former flame raised her sunglasses to allow Lilly perch on her head.

Boris and Barbara are ever inseparable having two Children

Lilly, 35, is currently enjoying her winter vacation with her sporting husband and young son Amadeus.

The leggy brunette was not only looking after her 22-month-old, but also playing a good  stepmother to Boris and Barbara’s children Noah, 17, and 12-year-old Elias.

It may seem like an unusual set-up, but the modern family remain close despite the Wimbledon champion’s splitting from Barbara, 44,, a black  brunette  more than ten years ago.

Boris and Barbara got split  in 2001, after eight years of marriage as pressures mounted circumstantially then on the couple.

Lilly later covered up in a zig-zag kaftan while talking on the phone as Elias looked a little bored while sipping from a straw.

Boris and Barbara

Not  that he didn’t have something to smile about later – getting coaching tips from a professional.

The ‘team’ was later  joined by Dutch football legend Ruud Gullit, who relished showing off his fancy footwork during an impromptu private lesson on the beach to Elias.

Boris also has a daughter Anna, 10, following a brief liaison with model Angela Ermakova, but neither of them appeared to be on the holiday.

Becker’s ex-wife German designer Barbara Feltus lives in Florida with their two sons Noah, 18, and Elias, 12, and her new husband Arne Quinze.

Feltus wed Quinze in 2009 – the same year as Becker and Kerssenberg tied the knot in St Moritz, Switzerland.

Despite splitting in 2001, Becker and Feltus remain on good terms and share custody of their sons.

Becker also has a 11-year-old daughter Anna following a brief liaison with model Angela Ermakova.

Amadeus is the first child for Becker and his current wife, but Lilly, has already said she is looking forward to having more children with the German sportsman.

In an interview last year, she said she hoped to have a total of three children, but wanted to wait a while before getting pregnant again.

A touch of Unity: Lilly placing her hand on Barbara
Lilly and Barbara: Both in a class of super love match
Barbara's son and Lilly, current Boris wife
Boris demonstrating the traits of a good father