“We wont defend Nigerians with criminal records,” Nigeria Senate leader, David Mark

Senator David Mark

Nigeria Senate leader, Senator David Mark claims the Nigerian Parliament will defend the interest of all Nigerians across the World in order to protect the sanctity of the Nigerian nation and her good natured people.

According to the leader of the nation’s upper house, Nigeria would not hesistate going to war even if any of  her  nationals  in any part of the world is unduly maltreated or abused for any reason.

But he warned that the government would not condone criminal and illegal actions, saying that Nigerians who are condemned in other part of the world for these should be made to face the consequences.

According to him, Nigerians across the world must live to the expectations of the nation avoiding criminal activities and illegal conducts.

Mr Mark was responding to an address by the Chairman of Senate Committee of Foreign Affairs , Mathew Ifeanyi Nwagwu (PDP Imo State) who had express worries that some Nigerians are to be executed soon in Indonesia.

It has been reported that 15 of 300 Nigerians currently serving various jail terms in Indonisia  are to be executed within weeks.

“There has been public outcry about the news. I have called the Minister of Foreign Affairs and he assured me that he will get in touch with our mission in Jakarta, although he was of the opinion that most of the issues are related to drug offences.
“I wish to suggest that we invite the minister to address the Senate on what is happening and what can be done to reduce and review some of these cases.”

In his response, Senate President David Mark recalled that the Senate intervened in the last Senate but its findings showed that the Nigerians were, indeed, drug traffickers.
Said Mark: “Unfortunately in the sixth senate we took up this matter and we sent a delegation to Indonesia. I think it was Senator Uche Chukwumerije who led the team to Indonesia, Singapore and China.

They brought a report back that all the people on death row had gone for trafficking in drugs and they had exhausted all the legal system possible and that it was only that our intervention that stopped them from being killed.
“If they are still alive, they should thank their God. People who go and break laws in other countries should not expect us to protect them.

“We will not allow any Nigerian to be maltreated outside the shores of Nigeria.
We can even go to war for it; even for one Nigerian if he is unfairly treated.
“But any Nigerian who goes out and carry drugs should know the risk they are taking; we will not defend them also.
“I think there is a clear line between an honest Nigerian who goes out there for proper, genuine business in accordance with the laws of the country and those who go there to smear the name of Nigeria.”

Nigerian Senate

“We will not defend any Nigerian who breaks the law of another nation. If they break the laws, they should face the consequences. This is warning to other Nigerians abroad. They cannot continue to tarnish our image!” he warned.

According to Mark, there should be a clear dividing line between genuine Nigerians going about their legal businesses to make a living and those criminally  inclined to destroy or tarnish the image of the country.

According to Mark, since the criminals know the reward of their activities, they should be made to face the consequences of their actions.

He however did not subscribe to the request that Foreign Affairs Minister, Olugbenga Ashiru be summoned “ to shed more light on received report on the plight of the Nigerians.

There had been public outcry about the Nigerians awaiting execution in Indonesia  with the government being urged to diplomatically get engaged in order to save the life of those Nigerians.